“Délices Lamarque” stores all over France: its creator, Tarnais aux mille vies, bows out

“Délices Lamarque” stores all over France: its creator, Tarnais aux mille vies, bows out
“Délices Lamarque” stores all over France: its creator, Tarnais aux mille vies, bows out

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After going through photography, magic and the creation of the “Délices Lamarque” boutiques, which allowed him to win the 2024 Epicure prize, Jean-Emmanuel Costedoat-Lamarque decided to retire at the end of May.

He was presented with his trophy last weekend in Paris: Jean Emmanuel Costedoat-Lamarque won the 2024 Epicure Prize. And it is inside his pastel blue boutique, located in Albi, that the 62-year-old years nostalgically retraces its atypical history.

Born in 1962, his life seemed mapped out. Passionate about photography, he entered the MJC in Albi at the age of 13 to learn photography. “At 14, my father bought me my first camera, and it seemed like it clicked,” he says nostalgically. “It was decided, I wanted to be a photographer.” After his studies, he opened his own film business, where he worked for 9 years.

But his passion for photography does not stop there. In 1981, he collaborated with one of the best workers in France and notably worked for the editorial staff of Dépêche du Midi, where he put his talent at the service of the newspaper.

From photographer to real estate agent

It was at the end of the 1980s that Jean Emmanuel’s life took another turn. “I think I felt the tide of film photography was changing. Commercial photography, repeated weddings… It was no longer for me,” he admits. So, when he was contacted by an English real estate agency to take photos of a country house, he jumped at the chance. In 2 years of service, he realized that working for a real estate agency was much more financially profitable than his work as a photographer.

Back in Albi in 1990, he took the gamble of creating his own real estate agency called “Midi Immobilier”. Two agencies are located in Albi, while two others are located in Carmaux and Gaillac. Here again, the magic of photography will work in its favor. “I put together beautiful files for potential buyers, beautiful photos that highlighted the homes. Once again, my passion was useful to me,” testifies this jack of all trades.

An artist’s life that was not just an illusion

Alongside his professional life, Jean Emmanuel was also… a magician! Building on his success, he became a member of the French association of conjurer artists in the 2000s. Under his stage name “Jean Lamarque”, he performed shows around the world, including one in Las Vegas, which would shake up his life.

“It was during my trip to Las Vegas that the idea of ​​the Délice Lamarque boutiques appeared,” explains Jean-Emmanuel. “I was captivated by the beauty of the Paris Las Vegas Hoteland its charm which traces the crazy years of France. I thought it would be interesting to recreate this kind of shop.”

In 2011, the first “Délices Lamarque” store opened on rue Sainte Cécile in Albi. Inspired by the hotel Paris in Vegas, the shop symbolizes old-fashioned biscuit shops with its pastel blue furniture, and the delicatessen of the 1930s thanks to its timeless products.

14 “Délices Lamarque” stores in France

In 2014, Jean Emmanuel Costedoat-Lamarque decided to open a second shop in Albi. “Our concept worked, so we decided to develop the network throughout France.” In total, 14 stores will be opened throughout France.

And it is for his boutique network that the 62-year-old Albigensian won the Epicure prize this year. A trophy which was presented to him by an exceptional jury, chaired by André Terrail, president of La Tour d’Argent, and sponsored by starred chef David Galienne. “It’s certainly a little bit of pride to the extent that I leave my company with beautiful memories…”, smiles the future retiree.



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