Rachid Badouri will star with his daughter in a new detective comedy series

Rachid Badouri will star with his daughter in a new detective comedy series
Rachid Badouri will star with his daughter in a new detective comedy series

Crave is set to launch a new comedy-crime series titled Double-dealing and starring Rachid Badouri and Mehdi Bousaidan, who are also the creators of the series in which we follow two amateur actors recruited by the police to infiltrate organized crime.

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In addition to being inspired by the codes of police comedies and spy films, Double-dealing benefits from the exceptional chemistry between Rachid and Mehdi.

The comedy boasts a five-star cast made up of Josée Deschênes, Fabien Cloutier, Maxime de Cotret, Martin Drainville, Catherine Bérubé, Douaa Kachache, Fabien Cloutier, Catherine Bérubé, Maxime de Cotret, Martin Drainville, Douaa Kachache, Mireille Naggar as well as Rachid’s daughter, Nayla Badouriwith whom the proud father will appear on television for the first time.

Moreover, Sandrine Bisson, Chantal Baril, Catherine Brunet, Deano Clavet, Noé Lira, Élise Guilbault, Éric Hoziel And Martin-David Peters play various episodic characters in the world of these “fake criminals”, using their acting talents to help the police in their investigations.


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The story goes as follows:

When Sergeant Rousseau (Josée Deschênes) loses yet another undercover agent to organized crime, she opts for an innovative approach. Instead of hiring rookie officers, she turned to two North African actors who make a living playing characters at the police academy. Adam (Rachid Badouri) and Mounir (Mehdi Bousaidan) thus become double agents for an ultra-secret division of the police where, thanks to their acting talents, they can infiltrate various criminal circles and perhaps discover the mole hidden in within the police.

Double-dealing is an original idea of ​​comedians Rachid Badouri and Mehdi Bousaidan. The scenarios are signed by Jean-François Léger And Daniel Gagnon.

Filming begins today, Tuesday, May 7 in the Montreal region. The 12 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes, will be broadcast on Crave in 2025.




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