Quinté+: Equidia sets fire to Quinté+ on Tuesday May 7 in Chantilly

We start this week in Chantilly. This Tuesday, the Quinté+ will dissolve on the 1200 meters of the Chantilly route, on the occasion of the Montagny Prize. There are 16 horses over 4 years old at the start of this competition.

To refine your games in this event, Guillaume Covès analyzes the race with its green light which corresponds to the horse that must be played, at least in a coupled. Its orange light indicates the handsome outsider, the funny odds in the race. Finally, its red light is the “stripe” of the race, the dead end. Also find his ticket for this event, the start of which will be at 1:55 p.m.

Red Light: Victory Salute (4)

Orange light: Sister Of Love (11)

Green light: Purest Time (2)



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