“Sucré Salé”: “It’s the first time in my career that I’ve been allowed to be perfectly as I am in life” – Mélanie Maynard

Mélanie Maynard has started work on her second season at the helm of Sweety salty and it is pumped up for the coming summer, as the comments on its animation were so laudatory last year.

“I really liked it, but I’m even more excited this year because we accepted that I would be surrounded by unconventional people, like me,” said the host in an interview with the QMI Agency on Tuesday, so that she was recording the first episode, surrounded by all her collaborators.

Photo Agence QMI, JOEL LEMAY

“For my first season, I didn’t have the choice to follow in the same footsteps as in previous years, and I have an effervescent spirit, a little bit rebellious, I don’t like to be conventional,” he said. she added, describing herself as “the color palette girl.”

“I am for every color to emerge! I am in favor of celebrating the personality of each employee!”

Be herself

Mélanie Maynard’s priority remains to make TV without appearing to do it.

“The show was perhaps due for a change in 2023 and this is the first time in my career that I have been allowed to be perfectly as I am in life, whereas before they tried to format me or fit into a television frame. But I had comments from the public and I knew they liked my spontaneity. Perhaps we are also better assured than before!”

Several collaborators

This year again, several collaborators are returning and others are joining in the dance. Alongside veterans Bryan Audet, Simon Boulerice, Varda Étienne, Émilie Fournier and Dave Morissette, we will find nine newcomers, namely the journalist Ludovick Bourdages, the comedians Pascal Cameron, Sam Cyr and Marylène Gendron, the multidisciplinary artist Chloée Deblois, the actor, author and director Guillaume Lambert, the actresses Carmen Sylvestre and Guylaine Tremblay as well as the former weather presenter of “Salut Bonjour” Stéphanie Villeneuve.

Photo provided by TVA

“We have collaborators that we are not able to get rid of, like Varda! Well no that’s not true! We also have lots of new faces coming to us from social networks. It’s the contemporary fight to bring the two worlds together!” underlined Mélanie Maynard.

There will even be a collaborator for whom “Sucré Salé” will be the first professional TV mandate. Production evaluates the various applications received. The chosen person will be revealed in the first weeks of broadcast.

Artists want to come to Sweety salty

What Mélanie Maynard likes, beyond being herself Sweety saltythese are of course all the meetings, discussions and TV moments that she creates with her guests.

“Sucré Salé”: “It’s the first time in my career that I’ve been allowed to be perfectly as I am in life” – Mélanie Maynard

Photo Agence QMI, JOEL LEMAY

She has carte blanche and she says she has this “faculty”, when she goes through a research file, “to find the elements on which we have not often stuck or to find the parallels with me and to connect”.

“I’m really happy and I think it worked well, because we have lots of artists that we rarely saw at Sweety salty and who want to come this summer. I’m quite proud of that! “Blowing up the pedal boat really pleased a lot of people!”

There will no longer be an interview at his house every Friday. “They were still dismantling in the evening when we were finished and guests were arriving an hour early and I was ‘burning’ my interview. I’m going to wait until I buy a big chalet, I’m going to leave again The true nature and subsidize the show like Jean-Philippe,” she joked.

Jean-Philippe is Jean-Philippe Dion, the producer of Sweety salty via his company Productions Déferlantes.

The show will return to TVA from Monday to Friday, at 6:30 p.m., starting May 20. The episodes will also be available on TVA+ and rebroadcast every evening at 10:35 p.m.



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