Gig-tripping, the new trend in travel

When we go abroad, we often take a few criteria into consideration: quality/price ratio, activities to do there, price of renting a car… and for some, if their idol is performing there. This is exactly what gig-tripping is all about. We’ll explain!

Gig-tripping: what does it consist of?

This trend concerns fans of singers or groups who travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers to be able to applaud them. This would be one of the most notable travel trends of 2024!


Lisa Chen, director of the ToursByLocals agency, explains to HuffPost the craze for gig-tripping: “It may be because they cannot get tickets for the concert organized at home (…), or simply to combine their love of travel and music in the same adventure.”

Sometimes it is even more economical to travel abroad for a concert, as ticket prices can differ depending on the country and city. To see by adding the cost of the journey, even if in the end we also gain a city trip if we stay a few days.

It’s actually the perfect combo for people who are fans of an artist and who like to travel: we kill two birds with one stone.

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