Uzès Alone on stage: 2nd edition of the festival

Uzès Alone on stage: 2nd edition of the festival
Uzès Alone on stage: 2nd edition of the festival


> TUESDAY MAY 7: FRANCOIS ALU, Completely thrown away

Come immerse yourself in the inner world of one of the most unique Star dancers of our time.

François Alu’s first solo performance is a show that is uniquely his own, multidisciplinary and limitless. Virtuoso dance solos of course but also parodies, choreographic delirium, and crafted texts… He interprets a multitude of characters in a 1h20 tour de force, an explosion of humor, technicality and emotion.

> WEDNESDAY MAY 8: SANDRA COLOMBO, What to do with idiots?

The world is becoming more and more blurry and we no longer know what value to count on… Only one remains like a beacon in the night: bullshit.

How to spot idiots? How to live with it? How do you make sure you’re not one yourself? After wandering through the personal development section of FNAC and reading tons of books to learn how to live better, to be a good person and to resolve all of her existential problems, Sandra Colombo realized that she still didn’t know not what to do with idiots. So she thought hard to develop an unstoppable method, which she will reveal to you in this third show which will make you laugh, but not only, think, but not only, and will allow you to move forward in your lives, but not only. A funny, feminist and committed show, for discerning ears over 14 years old.



A comedy club is once again set up on the Ombrière plateau for an evening full of life, desire, laughter, and giggles under the artistic direction of Patrick Timsit as part of the Uzès festival, Seul en Scène # 2. These artists will come to enrich the evening with their always valiant, sometimes corrosive and intensely funny words. A humorous evening not to be missed!


Patrick Timsit invites Thierry Lhermitte for a master class led by Karim Ghiyati, film historian, at the Capitole cinema in Uzès. An intimate meeting which will allow us to retrace his journey, his life, his work.

A well-known and recognized comedian and actor, Thierry Lhermitte has spanned generations with roles that have become essential and “classified” as part of the heritage of French cinema. The masterclass will be followed by an exchange with the public.


“My physique is the centerpiece of my journey”

On stage, an extraordinary body defies the codes of dance and the laws of physics. Dancer and choreographer, Sofiane Chalal accepts this bluntly: “They meet me twice, as if my body took up all the space, even mine. » This almost schizophrenic duality between his life on stage and his life in the city is the subject of Ma part d’ombre, his first show as a choreographer and his first solo. Almost an initiatory rite, where it is a question of very personal subjects, therefore universal: the body as ally and enemy, and the paradox, sometimes stimulating, sometimes painful, between what we perceive of ourselves and what others see. .

“With his “fat” body, he breaks the codes of dance”

> FRIDAY MAY 10: Viktor Vincent, Fantastik

It all begins with the story of a man who wakes up alone on a train in the middle of the night. In the window he sees his reflection but this face is not his. He then plunges into a fantastic world where behind appearances hide other appearances…

In his new solo on stage, Viktor Vincent goes to the other side of the mirror to offer you a live experience of the marvelous and the fantastic.

In a cozy and intimate atmosphere, Viktor tells you incredible stories and plays with your imagination thanks to his totally mind-blowing experiences!

> SATURDAY MAY 11: Stephan Eicher, Alone on stage

Swiss, born in Münchenbuchsee on August 17, Stephan Eicher first performed in Germany with the group Grayzone and enjoyed his first success in France with Quelle temps, title of his fourth studio album Silence rather shattering in this case. Then it was the meeting with the novelist Philippe Djian who wrote the texts in French by Stephan Eicher from the album My Place in 1989. Including the hit Lunch in peace. From then on, success continued, especially on stage where Stephan Eicher delivered real shows reinvented a thousand times.

In all there will be sixteen albums in a forty-year career, including the last, Homeless Songsis a public and critical hit.



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