This ultra-popular fashion piece in the 70s is making an unexpected comeback

This ultra-popular fashion piece in the 70s is making an unexpected comeback
This ultra-popular fashion piece in the 70s is making an unexpected comeback

A fashion piece made cult by Yves Saint Laurent, this military overshirt, ideal for mid-season, has never left service.

“I only have one regret, and that is not having invented jeans”, lamented Yves Saint Laurent. If denim has indeed escaped him, the French designer certainly has nothing to be ashamed of his contribution to the fashion industry.

The genius Yves Saint Laurent

Forever associated with the house that bears his name, the tuxedo designed by Yves Saint Laurent at the end of the Sixties revolutionized women’s wardrobe. Catherine Deneuve, Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux, icons of the master, all wore the original ensemble composed of a long jacket, straight pants and a white organdy shirt with a frill.

Yves Saint Laurent liked to imagine armor in which his women would be invincible. On August 1, 1936, the prodigy was born in Oran, Morocco, an environment that inspired him throughout his life. The safari jacket so dear to the designer, another emblem of the brand, is one of those pieces that he brought back from the other side of the Mediterranean to better enhance them.

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The safari jacket, the other key piece of the fashion prodigy

First worn during safaris or by the military, the safari jacket would probably never have become this essential overshirt that it has become without the genius of the creator. Under the hands of Yves Saint Laurent, she became more feminine. The waist is fitted and the neckline is plunging.

In 2021, collector Olivier Châtenet sold nearly four thousand pieces branded Yves Saint Laurent. Among the latter were the first safari jackets designed by the designer in 1969. “The piece was made for a Vogue Paris shoot in Africa. As everyone loved the image, it was produced a year later”he then recounted in the columns of Vogue.

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Twist your safari jacket this season

Anthony Vaccarello (head of Saint Laurent since 2016) made it the flagship piece of his spring-summer 2024 collection. The voice of Catherine Deneuve then described each passage: ” Number 1 : safari suitin dune cotton gabardine”.

Timeless, the safari jacket has established itself as the fashion trend of the season. Minimalist and Workwear at the Saint Laurent fashion show, twist yours with a belt at the waist and heels. Definitely breaking the masculine side of this piece elevated to the rank of essential in the women’s wardrobe, that’s the key word.



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