Antydot releases a new praise album for your Church

Antydot releases a new praise album for your Church
Antydot releases a new praise album for your Church

A music group well known in French-speaking evangelical circles for more than twenty-five years, Antydot released its seventh album on April 19.

Praise renewed and in collaboration

Second opus of praise, most of the songs of which are intended for Churches, it includes thirteen titles which give pride of place to a wide variety of styles, atmospheres and collaborations. For the occasion, the singers David and Bettina Prigent (photos) were notably surrounded by the artist Benjamin Dubray on the title “Le Corps du Christ”, by the cellist and performer Anne-Clémence Rouffet on “Citadelle”, by a Nigerian choir for an original title in English – a first for the group –, their daughter Zoé Prigent, the MLK Church on “Juqu’au bout” or even Cieltik Collectif on “Souffle sur notre pays”. Connoisseurs of the group will recognize the titles “Une unique Eglise” and “Grain de moutarde”.

A colorful album with international dimensions mixing Afro sounds, salsa, Latin trap and even Celtic sounds. “Our desire is to explore new sounds, different styles and to celebrate the gift of grace of music. This is a real means that God gives us. This album is a bit of a party,” comments David Prigent.

With God in trials

“It’s a project that took more than five years to mature and which was postponed several times,” adds Bettina Prigent. They both cite personal difficulties that have delayed their plans, including cancer for David Prigent, who just finished chemotherapy, and exhaustion for his wife, who needed two years to regain her strength. “In times of trial, we have had encouraging experiences with God,” notes the singer. These difficulties fueled the album project. “The song “En attendant” particularly evokes perseverance, of hoping in God even when it is difficult.” And to add that another dimension of the project calls for Christian unity. “These are songs inspired by our understanding of life and our experiences with God. We wanted this album to be as authentic as possible,” he adds.

If the trials inevitably influenced the couple’s theology and therefore the content of the titles, Bettina Prigent indicates that the years which led to the release of this album also allowed her to become aware of the extent of God’s love, even when she “produced nothing”, even though she suffered from aphonia for a long time. “I believed in a God of miracles and yet the trials seemed endless. I wondered if I would ever be able to sing again, or even be able to do anything.”

For each song, the biblical texts that inspired its writing are indicated in the booklet accompanying the album. “The Word of God carries us and has given us life,” concludes Bettina Prigent. To celebrate the release of the album, the group Antydot gives a praise concert on May 4, at the Eglise de la Prairie in Montbéliard.

Christianity Today

Article taken from the Christianity Today May 2024 issue



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