African History according to Med Hondo

African History according to Med Hondo
African History according to Med Hondo

Heir to his griot grandfather, Med Hondo knows how to tell stories of colonial childhood, exile and racism, stories of African cinema, but also stories of money, obsessive and revolting for an artist aware of his responsibility facing the History of its continent.

Docker, cook, actor, producer, dubbing star (French voice of Eddy Murphy and Morgan Freeman), African director Med Hondo gave a final interview to his friend François Catonné, faithful cinematographer of several of his films, influenced by Frantz Fanon, Aimé Césaire and Bertolt Brecht. It is November 2018 and, for three days, the pioneer of African narrative, the one who devoted all his life and all his money to making visible the migrants of “Soleil O”, the slaves of “West Indies” or even the Queen mythical resistance to colonialism “Sarraounia”, is told in front of the camera. A final unpublished interview, recorded three months before the death of Med Hondo, preserved by Ciné-Archives and broadcast in full, exclusively on RFI.

A documentary about La Marche du Monde by Valérie Nivelon, directed by Sophie Janin. Intern: Clément Tournigand. Show originally broadcast on July 2, 2023.

Thanks to François Catonné, Maxime Grember and Annabelle Aventurin of Ciné-Archives.

Special dedication to Zahra Hondo, Med Hondo’s little sister, for her confidence and determination to publicize her brother’s work.

Med Hondo, dvd. © Ciné-Archives

To discover : the DVD box set of three restored Med Hondo films “Soleil O, West Indies and Sarraounia” – Box set trailer – Box.

To read :

-Ibrahim Signate, Med Hondo a rebellious filmmakerÉditions Présence Africaine, 1994

– Collective, 1970 – 2018 Interviews with Med Hondo A Cinema on the RunÉditions Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst, 2018.



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