The impolite gesture not to do when you are in a restaurant

We explained to you some time ago that you should not stay at the table too long after paying the bill because it is rather frowned upon. Other things are also considered rude, especially if you’re going to a fancy restaurant. It is of course always a pleasure to go to an establishment with a cozy atmosphere with dimmed lights and enjoy slightly more elaborate cuisine. You just have to avoid making some errors of decency.

What not to do when you’re in a fancy restaurant

Etiquette expert Myka Meier, who is a consultant for the Downtown Abbey series on manners, explains that many people have poor menu management.

Indeed, according to the expert, “in formal meals, the menu must always touch the table on one point”. Yet most of us tend to bring the menu closer to our face to better see what is written there. If the subdued atmosphere doesn’t help, the menu should be left far away.


By bringing it closer to the face, you find yourself hidden behind the menu, which will be rather frowned upon. We also remember to never put your elbows on the table and put your phone away.

All you have to do is enjoy this gastronomic moment!

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