VIDEO – “Michelangelo” of social networks, Jago gives the youngest a taste for sculpture

VIDEO – “Michelangelo” of social networks, Jago gives the youngest a taste for sculpture
VIDEO – “Michelangelo” of social networks, Jago gives the youngest a taste for sculpture

A young 37-year-old sculptor has carved out a worldwide reputation for himself in Carrara marble.

A modern version of the works imagined several centuries ago by his illustrious Renaissance predecessors.

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His subject of work at the moment, the myth of Narcissus. “I’m going to refine it here. The image must be clear enough to make you think. I’m not going to risk ruining the poetry of the work by going into too long explanations. It’s simply Narcissus and his reflection which will be a female”explains the 37-year-old sculptor, in the TF1 report at the top of this article.

Under his hands, almost a year of work, between the block of white marble and the details of the skin texture. It is while continuing his work that Jago tells us: “There, I bring out as much anatomical detail as possible. When I get to what we can see on the feet and hands. So with this tool, I can smooth out the curves, it’s the last step before working on the skin is what requires the most patience, but which makes all the difference.”.

An exhibition in a church in Naples

Jacopo Cardillo, nicknamed Jago, does not take orders, he only works on projects that he matures for a long time. The thirty-year-old posts the making of his sculptures on social networks, creating a virtual museum which brings together nearly 900,000 visitors. However, he does not renounce classic exhibitions, where his hyperrealistic works fascinate a younger audience.

Some of the sculptor’s works will be installed in a church in Naples. But it’s not just an exhibition, since Jago has just opened his own museum. David in the feminine, the modernized Pietà, Ajax and Cassandra in place of the altar… spectacular sculptures which intrigue visitors, often young. One of them told us: “It seems so real, with all these details, you see everything. I’m not used to seeing so many details, especially in marble sculptures”.

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The man nicknamed the “Michelangelo of the 21st” century wonders if his work will survive the years to come, as much as the church which houses it, since it is almost 400 years old.

The editorial staff of TF1info | Report: Louise Malnoy, Chloé Duval



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