Eurydice, a feminist play by Anouilh performed at Basse-Passière

Eurydice, a feminist play by Anouilh performed at Basse-Passière
Eurydice, a feminist play by Anouilh performed at Basse-Passière

By Matthew Pinet
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May 4, 24 at 3:54 p.m.

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This May 18, the Théâtre de la Basse-Passière in Perche-en-Nocé receives the Colimaçon company.

Eurydice, a famous play by Jean Anouilh (1910-1987) written in 1942, will be performed to open the concert hall season.

A thoughtful selection

Each play or opera performed at Basse-Passière is seen by Jenny Hemans, the director of the place.

“I was looking for a piece of Jean Anouilh. I went to see Eurydice in Paris, then I spoke with the company,” explains the director.

The author has an important place in the heart of the programmer.

“I am an absolute fan of Jean Anouilh. When I was younger, I devoured his writings, this intimate side touched me,” explains the manager of the place.

Even if the play and its author are chosen, you now have to find the company.

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“I was captivated by the actors’ interpretation. You can know your text, but that’s not everything, interpretation is important. »


An avant-garde piece

Eurydice, a play on human complexity and love.

The main character, eponym of the play, plays with the male gaze. The play takes its movement from the jealousy of Orpheus, jealous of Eurydice’s past. His fear of abandonment pushes him to commit the irreparable, he takes the place of executioner like so many others.

Eurydice is the victim of her lover, Orpheus, but also of her producer, an actor and other persecutors.

The author, Jean Anouilh, makes his main character a feminist heroine. In a quest for freedom, patriarchy takes a beating where tragedy arises through femicide.

The unanimous criticism

The various national media agree to describe the piece as “dazzling”.

The Chained Duck, by the voice of Jean-Luc Porquet certifies “We don’t get bored for a second, Emmanuel Gaury’s direction is lively and effective, the actors impeccable”.

Jean-Christophe Buisson, in the columns of Figaro magazine, congratulates the director. “Very skilfully directed by the young Emmanuel Gaury, the actors dazzle.”

According to its critics, the play is highly anticipated on the stages of Basse-Passière.

A modern staging

The director’s gaze is perceptible in the play through his interpretation.

Major or minor subjects, Emmanuel Gaury gives his opinion on everything

“Orpheus learns the hard way that in love nothing can be controlled, understood or dominated,” emphasizes Emmanuel Gaury.

Love, the key theme of the play, even inspires interpretations of symbolism.

“The eye is the border organ between the interior and the exterior, between seeing and allowing one to see,” concludes the director.

Practical: Saturday May 19 at 7 p.m., €25. Possibility of having lunch on site. Reservation, [email protected]

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