La Barik à son de Campénéac is finalizing the final details of its music festival on June 8

La Barik à son de Campénéac is finalizing the final details of its music festival on June 8
La Barik à son de Campénéac is finalizing the final details of its music festival on June 8

By Emmanuel Verdeaux
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May 4, 24 at 4:32 p.m.

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It is a tradition: Music Festival of Campénéac (Morbihan) unfolds its scenes the second weekend of June. This year, appointment is therefore given Saturday June 8. It is also a tradition: this celebration is one of the most popular in the region. The “culprits”? The band of 17 merry guys from the association “La barik à son”.

Over the years, the association has created a event which sometimes encourages teasing: why not make one festival ? ” It is much better that,” replied a volunteer. “Because it’s free! »

A stage facade with 12 kW speakers

Nevertheless, “the festival which does not have the name” is big things. And re-injects, each year, the funds collected to tend towards better quality every year. For this edition 2024it’s the her who is still improved. In front of the stage, 12 kW speakers.

Next edition of the music festival with Barik à son sauce: Saturday June 8. (©Document submitted/Info from the country of Ploërmel)

Not a festival, the Campénéacoise music festival, but the same means. Of the investments carried out every yearthanks to success of the demonstration. “All this is Also possible thanks to partners », Specifies the association. Support which lightens the spirits, “and allows us to concentrate on the groups”, continues Olivier Carlin.

A fine-tuned programming every year, and started early. “As of last October,” continues Olivier, more specifically in charge of this position. “He makes a preselectionwhich is then presented to the entire team », adds for his part Jean-Pierre Delourme, band leader. There decision is then collegiateon the basis of the quality of the training and their emoluments.

6 groups on the bill for this music festival

This year, 6 groups will share the two stages, set up in connection with society Loops, partner usual of the Barik to his. There are the stage premises: snake of medusawinners of the La Mennais springboard, DJ’s from CampéAnd The Argonauts, by Erdeven.

Three other groups come from further afield, a sign that the reputation of the Campénéac music festival travels well. To complete the programming, Toxic frogs, Oslo tropic And Bamboo.

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The evening of Saturday, June 8 will begin at 7 p.m.. With a novelty in the configuration of the premises. “We are moving the big stage”, explain the volunteers. It will slide in front of the town hall, allowingventilate the space and to offer a best party comfort to the public.

All the news from the Barik à son association can be found here.

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