The unstoppable tip to stop your pasta sticking according to a famous French chef

The unstoppable tip to stop your pasta sticking according to a famous French chef
The unstoppable tip to stop your pasta sticking according to a famous French chef

Pasta is one of the most popular and comforting dishes. Spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne or fusilli, each has its own favorite pasta shape, not to mention the wide choice of sauces ranging from bolognese to carbonara to simple pesto pasta. You may keep some pasta in the fridge and place it in a plastic box. However, a problem may arise when opening the container: your pasta ends up stuck to each other. Fortunately, a tip exists as chef Norbert Tarayre, who notably participated in the show Top Chef, explains to our colleagues at Journal des Femmes.

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An Italian tip

In order to no longer obtain sticky pasta after cooking, Norbert Tarayre slips in a secret straight from Italy: “The Italians’ little tip is to put a drizzle of olive oil on the pasta after cooking. The fat prevents moisture from penetrating too much inside the pasta.“. Indeed, the pasta becomes sticky after cooking because it absorbs moisture. As a result, it is no longer as al dente and even completely softened. Not very attractive. The drizzle of olive oil therefore prevents this phenomenon from occurring.

Norbert Tarayre goes further by recommending running the pasta under cold water to stop the cooking, draining it carefully then coating it with a generous drizzle of olive oil. The legend that adding olive oil to the cooking water will make your pasta less sticky is completely false. Olive oil when added to water does not mix and rises to the surface.

Other tips to know about pasta

If you want to taste your pasta perfectly, there are other tips to know. What about salt in particular? Should we add it before or after cooking? To give taste and flavor to your pasta, the condiment must be added from the start of cooking the pasta. The reason ? The salt will naturally dissolve in the water, then in the pasta. And what’s more, it will save you from adding more to your dish. We know that cooking that is too salty is not beneficial for your health. There are tips for reducing salt consumption, as Mathieu Vande Velde, another Top Chef candidate, explained to us.

Another mistake made too often is not stirring the pasta when cooking. Of course, the goal is not to mix until your wrist hurts, it’s simply a matter of stirring as soon as your pasta is submerged in the water, and then a few times during cooking. And good news, your pasta will no longer stick to the pan thanks to this advice.

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