The comeback of Teyssier, the return of Lenglart and a new teacher, what awaits you next week on TF1 (ITC Summaries from May 6 to May 10, 2024 + trailer)

“Here it all begins” from Monday May 6 to Friday May 10, 2024, what awaits you next week in ITC
— What will happen next week in “Here it all begins”? It’s the weekend and the Institut Auguste Armand closes its doors until Monday. To help you wait, News Actual lifts the veil on what awaits your favorite characters in the next episodes of ITC.

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Spoiler alert…

Next week in Here it all begins…

Annabelle Cardone decides to exclude Kelly’s brigade from the Coupe de France de Cuisine and offers Jasmine to replace her friend. Despite the threats of exclusion made by Cardone, Salomé and Kelly decide to participate in the Coupe de France with Teyssier as coach. Arriving in Brittany, Kelly must face her old demons. She actually finds herself face to face with chef Lenglart. For her part, Claire understands that she is hated within the Institute since the agreement she made with Cardone. Only Vic continues to support her. But is this unexpected support disinterested?

Alice Wiesberg, a new pastry professor, arrives at the Institute. She comes to replace chef Landiras during his absence due to the Coupe de France de Cuisine. As Alice works in Annabelle’s cooking school, the Armand sisters have one fear: that she will be Cardone’s new armed wing.

Summaries Here It All Begins from May 6 to 10, 2024

Monday May 6, 2024, episode 919 : In the midst of her fall, Kelly loses her last supporters… For her part, Claire becomes the bane of the Institute. Tom’s friends take charge of his love life.

Tuesday May 7, 2024, episode 920 : At the Institute, Kelly hasn’t said her last word! To help the students, Antoine pulls a little too hard… To be valedictorian, Vic seems ready to do anything.

Wednesday May 8, 2024 : no episode. Olympic Games flame special broadcast

Thursday May 9, 2024, episode 921 : At the Institute, Cardone blows hot and cold… For his part, Antoine declares his love for Teyssier. Students and teachers meet new people.

Friday May 10, 2024, episode 922: In Brittany, Kelly confronts her old demons. At the Institute, Cardone finds a new target. The new pastry teacher doesn’t leave anyone cold…

Trailer Intrigue Coupe de France

Here are the first images of the new storyline entitled “Coupe de France”

Find “Here it all begins” from Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1, just before “Tomorrow belongs to us”, and in replay on TF1+.



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