Near Toulouse. Will this address be crowned best bakery in France?

By Marie Lamarque
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May 4, 24 at 8:04

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Tuesday. 11am. There is already a line going outside to taste breads, pastries and pastries from the Yves Jehanne bakery, in Balma, near Toulouse. Nothing surprising when we know that the store was the subject of a lot of spotlight at the end of April 2024.

Two great victories

During the competition for the best chocolate éclairs in Haute-Garonne, the palme d’or was won by the bakery in the professional category.

But it is also, and above all, through its participation in the M6 ​​show “The best bakery in France” that the Balmanese address became known. At the end of a week of competition, Yves Jehanneaccompanied by his baker and tourier, Remy Ampudia, were selected to represent Haute-Garonne during the national final of the show. “All this created great emulation within the team,” smiles the professional.

The front of the Yves Jehanne bakery, in Balma. (©Marie Lamarque / Actu Toulouse)

Products designed for the occasion

“The production contacted us in November for casting. We went through the stages one after the other, until filming on December 12,” says Yves Jehanne, proud owner of the store of the same name, at 10, avenue de Toulouse, in Balma.

The bakery team had the opportunity to taste its signature products, namely the Finger gianduja“a small milk chocolate and praline cake”, describes Yves Jehanne, as well as a special bread called “Le Balmanais”“which was created for the occasion”.

Balmanais, a special bread created for the show. (©Marie Lamarque / Actu Toulouse)

The professionals also had to demonstrate their know-how and creativity during a special test based on a local product, the Tarbes bean.

It was quite complex, but we decided to work it into a sweet recipe with exotic fruits to create our ‘Tropical Tarbais’.

Yves JehanneManager of the Yves Jehanne bakery in Balma

The challenge of “waking up an old lady”

Yves Jehanne did not expect victory. “It was a real surprise for me and Anaïs, my wife. » Their sign has only been installed for a year and a half. “There were nine of us on the team at the start. Today, there are almost 15 of us. We took over this address [qui était déjà une boulangerie connue à Balma, NDLR] with the challenge of waking up an old lady,” explains the manager.

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A successful bet with the aim of working with local products and regularly renewing the offer, depending on the season. “The jurors came to taste products that we make every day, that’s what’s gratifying. »

Trained by Michel Sarran

Originally from Toulouse, Yves Jehanne returned to his native land in 2022 after a great experience in Luxembourg. But it’s good with Michel Sarran that he cut his teeth when he was just a student at the Toulouse hotel high school. Yves Jehanne also worked for four and a half years in the Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant On the Margins, in Aurevilleat the house of Frank Renimel. Eager to have more responsibility, Yves then flew to Luxembourg “where I worked in the palace Le Place d’Armes”.

After the birth of his son, he wanted to return to the Occitan lands with, in his mind, the project of setting up his own shop. The choice falls on Balma.

Reunion with the chef

Coincidence of life, the path of Yves Jehanne crossed that of Michel Sarran on the occasion of the M6 ​​program. The chef, well known in Toulouse, joined as a new juror.

“It’s been a dozen years since we last saw each other. I knew him before M6, before Top Chef. He’s a great chef. In his kitchen, it was always very quiet. Everything was in place, there was serenity. It’s something I kept from him. »

A final, 16 pairs, a theme

Will the Yves Jehanne bakery be sacred? best bakery in France ? Answer soon, because the filming of the finale must take place in May.

16 pairs will have to compete. “We must all work around a theme that has been given to us, always with the objective of highlighting a product from the region,” says Yves Jehanne, without being able to say more.

On the left, the banoffee which was tasted by one of the members of the jury of La Meilleure boulangerie de France.
On the left, the banoffee which was tasted by one of the members of the jury of La Meilleure boulangerie de France. (©Marie Lamarque / Actu Toulouse)

One thing is certain, the whole team is ready to play. “We think, we try to get the best out of everyone’s skills, we give everyone a taste,” describes Yves Jehanne.

Let’s hope that the work pays off to make Haute-Garonne shine. Michel Sarran did not, in any case, give them a choice: “in Paris, you win. That’s how it is,” he said.

Practical information
Yves Jehanne pastry-bakery, 10 avenue de Toulouse in Balma.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Special openings on Wednesday May 8, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday May 9 from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. Closed on Monday May 20.
Contact on 05 61 24 22 11.

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