Aveyron. From Chicago to Athens, Clémence Renard highlights the nobility of letters

Aveyron. From Chicago to Athens, Clémence Renard highlights the nobility of letters
Aveyron. From Chicago to Athens, Clémence Renard highlights the nobility of letters

the essential
Clémence Renard, a 32-year-old Villefranchoise, teaches in Athens after having taught in Chicago. Three years ago, she created “Une Fois, une Voix”, a podcast competition with Marie Cordier, and recently published the novel “In the Eye of the Storm”.

Even in hindsight, she is just as categorical: “I wanted to write letters!”
She thus remained faithful to the orientation envisaged during adolescence. She confirms: “I was, in fact, a literary person, a real one. Teaching was on my list and I was also considering doing research.” With a weakness for 20th century literature and for the writer Hervé Guibert.
Clémence Renard was born in Albi on July 10, 1991, to a Ruthenian mother, a former judo champion when she was still called Anne Calvet, and a father from Montpellier.
She has no memories of Tarn since it was at the age of 2 that she took up residence in Villefranche-de-Rouergue. After a traditional schooling, La Douve middle school and Raymond-Savignac high school, where she obtained a series L baccalaureate, she joined Clermont-Ferrand, with Capes as a result. Her first teaching position was at the Reynerie college in Toulouse, part of the priority education network, where she spent three years, with 3rd year classes. Her position was eliminated and she applied abroad.
She wrote in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Louisiana… She did cross the Atlantic, but only to land in Chicago. She thus devoted three years to the Franco-American school, with total immersion since she mastered English. “I loved this experience, it was downright wonderful,” assures the thirty-year-old. Especially since Chicago is not just Michael Jordan, Al Capone or the Skyline… I really loved the architecture as well as the presence of nature. With Lake Michigan outside the door.

The idea of ​​returning to France

However, beginning to “go around in circles”, her desire for high school then led her to Athens.
Attached to the Toulouse academy, Clémence Renard has a three-year contract, until the summer of 2025. If she appreciates her stay in Greece, with “the greenery coming out of the concrete and the street art” of the capital or the mountain just a stone’s throw from the big city (it is more oriented towards the peaks than towards the Cyclades islands), the Aveyronnaise and her darling Justin, who opened his ceramic workshop there after having trained in… Aveyron, would “welcome a return to the country”. “The idea of ​​returning to France is now germinating,” she confirms. “It’s the right time to return.”
This itch is linked, in particular, to the desire of the thirty-year-old to “invest more” in “Once, a voice”. With her friend from Clermont Marie Cordier, who is immersed in Marseille culture (project management, writing and editorial design), they initiated, in August 2020, this documentary podcast competition for French-speaking adolescents from around the world. The fourth edition is in the pipeline. And then there’s the writing. During her stopover in Aveyron for the end-of-year holidays, she took the opportunity to present her first novel, “In the Eye of the Storm” (256 pages, €20), released in August by Fugue. , at the La Folie Oat bookstore in Villefranche-de-Rouergue.



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