this “funny gift” received by their daughter Princess Charlotte for her 9th birthday

After the sixth birthday of Prince Louis on April 23, 2024, the thirteen years of marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, it is now the turn of the Princess Charlotte to blow out its nine candles on May 2. Celebrations which this year have a special taste while the Princess of Wales is currently recovering after the shock announcement of his cancer.

However, the beloved daughter-in-law of King Charles III did not deviate from her annual tradition by sharing on social networks the picture eagerly awaited by the young celebrant to the delight of subscribers. In the photo taken by Kate Middleton herself, Princess Charlotte dressed in a red wool cardigan and a denim skirt poses leaning on a wall covered in flowers, displaying a broad smile. In the comments, a simple message: “ Happy ninth birthday, Princess Charlotte! thank you for all the kind messages received today.

Princess Charlotte celebrated her 9th birthday surrounded by her parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William

If the family does not deviate from traditional photography, there are other rituals that the future heirs to the throne have established to to honor their children on their birthday, as royal expert and author Claudia Joseph shared in the magazine Fabulous relayed by The Sun. Among them, there is the preparation of the famous birthday cakea mission that Kate Middleton is usually in charge of.

“Kate usually stays up until early in the morning baking the kids’ cakes. It depends of her state of health, I imagine she will, or William might even make the cake”, indicates the royal expert. It also specifies: “I think this birthday is very unusual for all the kids this year because, obviously, Kate is undergoing treatment for cancer. »

photo credit: Shutterstock Princess Charlotte celebrated her ninth birthday on May 2, 2024

How were the festivities organized to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s ninth birthday?

Claudia Joseph then puts forward hypotheses on the progress of the festivities for Princess Charlotte’s ninth birthday. According to her, the little girl went as usual to his school from Lambrook and the students in his class most certainly sang to him Happy birthday. Then, back home,Adelaide CottagePrincess Charlotte was able to blow out her candles surrounded by her family.

And who says birthday, also says gift. Concerning the latter, Claudia Joseph specifies: “I think the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales have a way of life very privileged. They have access to many palaces. And they’ve received a lot of great gifts over the course of their lives, but William and Kate are very keen to give their children simple pleasures of life. »

The gift given to Princess Charlotte for her 9th birthday

Without revealing the exact nature of Princess Charlotte’s birthday gift, the royal expert nevertheless suggests: “The royal family is well known for its humorous gifts and has previously given each other toiletry bags, rubber gloves, all sorts of things in the past. They certainly have a sense of humor, so I imagine there could be a joke gift among them. »

photo credit: Shutterstock Princess Charlotte blew out her nine candles surrounded by her family

And to add: “Charlotte is a great ballet fandance and tap dancing, so we expect them to take inspiration from it. […] Last year we saw Kate take Charlotte to see Cinderella at the Royal Opera House. » THE mystery remains so on the nature of Princess Charlotte’s birthday present. The fact remains that the little girl certainly celebrated her ninth birthday as she should, surrounded by her two brothers and her parents.



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