More beautiful life in advance: what awaits you in episode 86 of Friday May 3, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

More beautiful life in advance: what awaits you in episode 86 of Friday May 3, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV
More beautiful life in advance: what awaits you in episode 86 of Friday May 3, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “More beautiful life, even more beautiful”… Aya is trapped. For his part, Thomas fights to prove his brother’s innocence, and Samuel questions Jennifer’s mysterious past.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle broadcast Monday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Monday May 6 in More beautiful life, even more beautiful…

What is Jennifer’s secret?

Jennifer and Samuel wake up from a long night of love. The policeman tries to detain her, but she has to go to work. Suddenly, he asks Jennifer what her back tattoo means. She replies that it is Sanskrit, an Indian alphabet.

Samuel steals her phone and tells her that he will only give it back to her if she explains the symbolism of her tattoo to him. Jennifer responds, “Love always triumphs.” Samuel can’t help but laugh, because he finds this sentence ridiculous.

At the doctor’s office, Léa asks Jennifer if she feels better. And for good reason, this morning, the latter sent her a message to warn her that she had vagal discomfort and that she will be late. Jennifer admits to the doctor that she lied and that in reality, she was with Samuel. Léa gently warns her: “It’s been a week, it’s a little floating”.

For their part, Samuel and Gabriel go jogging. The young police officer informs his cousin that he has become closer to Jennifer. He says they’re a good match, apart from a few details: “I have a hard time pinning her down.” He thinks she lied about her tattoo: “There’s something I don’t feel.”

At the end of the day, Jennifer and Samuel find themselves under the covers. While they’re cuddled together, Jennifer receives a bunch of notifications on her phone. She informs Samuel that it is his real estate agency that is sending him alerts.

Samuel replies that she can stay with him as long as she wants. Jennifer said to him: “I’m going to need some time by myself, I’m not used to living with someone”. Samuel adds that he will return to work very soon and will therefore be less present. Finally, Jennifer agrees to stay a while longer.

While Jennifer takes a nap, Samuel takes a photo of her tattoo. Will he investigate the young woman? If so, what will he discover?

Thomas, alone against the Mistralians

Arriving at the bar-restaurant Le Mistral, Thomas discovers a huge tag on its window: “Stop femicide”. Luna and Blanche are sorry for him, but they warn him that it was very predictable, since Kilian is placed in pre-trial detention. Thomas gets angry, he doesn’t understand why his brother is considered the number one suspect.

A few minutes later, Gabriel joined him inside the Mistral. While they are arguing about Kilian, the two men are stopped by the arrival of Barbara. The boss tells Thomas that she will not come back to work. The reason ? She is uncomfortable with the idea that Betty may have been killed in her kitchen: “I need a few days to think.”

Thomas cannot hide his anger. When he needs support, he discovers that everyone is against his brother, including her husband who stands up for Barbara. How to prove that Kilian is not a murderer?

Later that day, Thomas visits Kilian. The young man jumps into his brother’s arms. He confides to her that he cannot sleep because of the cries of the other inmates. But the worst part of it all is that he begins to doubt his innocence.

Indeed, he informs Thomas that he keeps thinking about the evidence that the police have against him: “There is everything mixed up in my head, I no longer know what is true and what is false”. Faced with all this pressure, he no longer knows if he hurt Betty.

Aya is in the sights of the police

Aya is summoned to the police station. Ariane asks her how she feels about the fact that Kilian is probably a murderer. Aya replies that her boyfriend has changed and that he is no longer violent towards women. Ariane asks him a question that puts pressure on him: “Were you with Kilian on the evening of April 25?” Aya says no, but the policewoman feels she is lying.

At the police station, Jean-Paul received the analyzes concerning Betty’s farewell letter. It would have been written by the young woman shortly before her mysterious disappearance. However, Ariane is still certain that Betty wrote this letter under duress. In addition, she tells the commissioner that she has some doubts about Aya. She exclaims: “I want to follow this girl”. Meiline gives him the green light.

Back at the Mistral, Aya informs Thomas that his interrogation was difficult and that the police did everything to incriminate Kilian. For his part, Thomas confides to him that he saw his brother again in the visiting room. Gabriel interferes in the conversation and informs Aya that Kilian claims to have killed Betty. Aya is disturbed by this revelation.

At nightfall, she discreetly goes to the pool into which she threw the kitchen knife belonging to Betty. She looks for it everywhere and manages to get her hands on it. But the police arrive at the same time. Aya is therefore under arrest.



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