TikTok star dies at 26

TikTok star dies at 26
TikTok star dies at 26

American influencer Maddy Baloy, who reached millions of Internet users on the social network TikTok because of her fight against cancer, died at 26, her fiancé revealed to the magazine People.

“Madison passed away peacefully last night,” Louis Risher said Thursday, adding that the young woman had taken her last breath “wrapped in love.”

The young woman began experiencing stomach problems in 2022. During the year that followed, Maddy Baloy completely changed her diet in the hope of getting better, but in February 2023, she began vomiting repeatedly and experience sensory problems.

Initially believing she had a tapeworm or virus, the influencer took several tests at the hospital where doctors discovered several cancerous tumors in her large intestine.

Specialists then told him that he had about five years to live.

In order to combat the feeling of isolation caused by her illness, in April 2023 the young woman began to share what she was experiencing in her TikTok channel.

His story touched the hearts of millions of users of the social network. His channel has almost 450,000 subscribers and several of his videos have gone viral.

His last publication, published on March 5, was seen by 2.5 million Internet users.

Her fiancé Louis Risher described Maddy as “so special” a woman, mentioning that she had died on the day he was celebrating her 27th.e birthday.

“I held his hand all day and that’s all I needed,” he said.



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