“His words do me good.” The Taylor Swift phenomenon is emulated in the Tarn

“His words do me good.” The Taylor Swift phenomenon is emulated in the Tarn
“His words do me good.” The Taylor Swift phenomenon is emulated in the Tarn

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While Taylor Swift is about to begin the European part of her world tour, the incredible enthusiasm generated by the American star has reached the Tarn, where many fans have already reserved their places.

7,250 km separate the Tarn from Nashville, city of music and Taylor Swift. However, our department is not immune to the enthusiasm that has been created around the American star. Out of sight but close to the heart, many “swifties” (that’s what her fans are nicknamed) live their passion for Taylor Swift from a distance. A love that they will soon be able to declare for real in Paris, Lyon or anywhere in Europe.

For Océane, a young swiftie student at the Jean-François Champollion University, there is no doubt that her favorite artist is appreciated in the Tarn. “When people stop me in the street because I’m wearing a Taylor outfit, when I see the shelves easily emptied at Fnac, I tell myself that there’s bound to be a craze.”

In the Albigensian city center store, the American star is well represented. And for good reason, his albums are selling particularly well, “especially over the past year” notes Quentin, salesman at Fnac, who explains that the artist reaches an audience “of 15/25 year olds, mostly female”. His colleague, Julian, says he has to regularly fill the rack reserved exclusively for Taylor Swift vinyls. The brand even released a special edition of its latest album “The Tortured Poets Department”. “And it’s not just CDs that sell,” says Nicole. In charge of the bookstore section, she points out a display with books and even… a coloring book about Taylor Swift.

“His words do me good”

In addition to musical or literary albums, vinyl records and books, Swifties dress and accessorize based on Taylor Swift’s music. “Just by your outfit, we can tell what your favorite album is,” explains Marine, a fan from Soual. This is the case of Océane, who wears a cardigan in reference to the artist. “It’s from her album Folklore” explains the student.

But beyond derivative products and accessories, being swifties is above all a musical question. “As long as we support Taylor in her projects, we can consider ourselves a swiftie,” explains Océane. On social networks, the swifties form a “very caring community with a lot of mutual assistance”, underlines Océane.

Marine considers herself a Swiftie “because Taylor Swift hits the mark every time”. She has been following her for more than 10 years. “The first album I listened to from her was Red.” For Marine, the artist’s great strength lies in his texts. “His lyrics are very poetic, I love trying to decipher everything. I think all swifties do a little bit of that.”

For European swifties, “The Eras Tour” is the opportunity to attend a concert by their idol for the first time. “It’s a 3-hour show, which sums up her entire career” explains Marine, excitement in her voice. “This concert is the fruition of four years of waiting,” says Océane, who will be in Lyon on June 2 to attend the concert of her idol. Marine and her sister chose to go abroad. They will attend the Taylor Swift concert in Zurich on July 9. “It happened by chance” explains Marine. “In many songs, Taylor Swift talks about France as her country of heart. We said to ourselves that it would not be possible to get places.”



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