Daniel Radcliffe has no contact with JK Rowling since her controversial tweets

Daniel Radcliffe has no contact with JK Rowling since her controversial tweets
Daniel Radcliffe has no contact with JK Rowling since her controversial tweets

The actor in the saga discusses the positions considered transphobic by JK Rowling, the author at the origin of the phenomenon Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe speaks out again on JK Rowling. In an interview published Tuesday April 30 by The Atlantic, the actor Harry Potter regrets the positions considered transphobic adopted by the author of the original books in recent years.

“It makes me very sad,” he says. “I think about the person I met, the times we shared, the books she wrote, the world she created, and it all seems so deeply empathetic to me.”

“Nothing would have happened like this without her”

Daniel Radcliffe was revealed in 2001 when he played the famous wizard in the film adaptation of the successful literary saga. The British actor played this character for the next ten years (for a total of eight films), during which he often crossed paths with JK Rowling. But he explains that he has no longer had contact with her since the author’s controversial tweets, published in June 2020.

“Harry Potter wouldn’t have existed without (JK Rowling), so it’s likely that nothing that’s happened to me in life would have happened without her,” he admits. “But that doesn’t mean you owe your beliefs to someone for your entire life.”

Controversial figure

Long popular with the general public, JK Rowling has become a controversial figure by multiplying tendentious comments about the transgender community.

In 2020, she joked on Twitter about an article mentioning “menstruating people”, being annoyed that the term “women” was not used. Many Internet users had criticized it for excluding transgender people – transgender men can have their periods, which is not the case for transgender women.

The author responded to the criticism a few days later with a long publication on his blog which only made the situation worse. She was particularly concerned about seeing men pretending to be transgender women to access toilets reserved for women, an argument regularly put forward by transphobic commentators.

Split in the wizarding world

She has since been the target of regular attacks from transgender rights activists and reported in November 2022 having received death threats.

Many actors of Harry Potter, including Daniel Radcliffe, immediately dissociated themselves from his comments. “I had been working with the Trevor Project (an association for the defense of members of the LGBT community) for 12 years,” the actor recalls today. “Not to react would have been immense cowardice.”

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