José Bové and Bouli Lanners, alter heroes

José Bové and Bouli Lanners, alter heroes
José Bové and Bouli Lanners, alter heroes
José Bové and Bouli Lanners, April 15, in Lille, on the occasion of the premiere of the film “An Affair of Principle”. AIMéE THIRION FOR M LE MAGAZINE DU MONDE

Loud laughter, pats on the back, jokes: here is the actor and his model in a joyful reunion, in Lille, a few hours before the premiere ofA matter of principle. In this thriller by Antoine Raimbault, adapted from a testimonial book written by José Bové (Hold-up in Brussels, lobbies in the heart of Europe, La Découverte, 2015), we follow the former environmentalist MEP (The Greens Group, European Free Alliance), in the guise of the Belgian actor Bouli Lanners, scrapper, curling mustache and tribune chatter, against the connections of European leaders with the tobacco lobby, the President of the Commission from 2004 to 2014, José Manuel Barroso, in the lead.

Between José Bové and Bouli Lanners, the same charisma, the same art of conversation without protocol, the same taste for activism: these two seemed made to merge. When, during a screening in Bordeaux, the first’s daughter sees the second on the screen, she writes an SMS to her father, “I really saw my dear father for an hour and a half,” which José Bové hastens to read to Lanners to convey the compliment to him.

Both grew up with the same taste for vast landscapes, hostile and wild, Mexico and the Rockies for José Bové during his American childhood, the Ardennes highlands and the Scottish islands for Bouli Lanners – territories that he paints when it is not rotating. Sensitive to nature, they say in unison that they cannot “to live in a place where the horizon is closed”, to have “permanently need the possibility of heaven”.

Tracked wheelbarrow, vegetable garden and rainfall

The former MEP has lived since 1975 in Montredon (Aveyron), on the Larzac plateau. The actor took root in Liège, Belgium, on a vast plot of land with a brick house, trees, and a vegetable garden overflowing with vegetables. Anti-nuclear activist, “decreasing”, Bouli Lanners supported the school strike movements for the climate launched at the call of Greta Thunberg’s Youth For Climate group, which left their mark in Belgium in 2019. He also admires “José’s fights”.

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The two men toasted from their first meeting, more than two years ago, at José Bové’s house, once Antoine Raimbault had chosen the second to play the first. From the outset, they exchanged alcohol and cold meats from their regions, talked about tracked wheelbarrows, vegetable gardens, rainfall and chainsaws, the activist praising his electric one to the actor, a fan of thermal engine models.. “Well, sometimes Antoine tried to get us to talk about the film…”they laugh. “I had already noticed Bouli, remembers José Bové, In Louise-Michel “, 2008 comedy by their mutual friends, Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern.

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