Fan of Johnny Halliday and Elvis Presley, he organizes a record fair near Mortain

Fan of Johnny Halliday and Elvis Presley, he organizes a record fair near Mortain
Fan of Johnny Halliday and Elvis Presley, he organizes a record fair near Mortain

By Pascale Brassinne
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May 1, 24 at 11:30

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The Love me Tender association is organizing a Record Fair in Bion, near Mortain-Bocage (Manche), on May 26.

Didier Poirier, who fell under the spell of Johnny Halliday in the 1970s, will be one of them.

“I was 12-13 years old, it was from friends who listened to it. Then I heard That I love you and I saw it on television. It was my first record.”

In 1976, at the age of 18, he attended his first concert at the Palais des Sports in Paris. “I left Briouze where I lived at the time. I paid 30 francs for my ticket, it was already expensive for the time.”

In 1979, he hitchhiked to Nice to follow him again. “I must have seen it around thirty times, including in London in 2012.” And when his idol released a tribute record to Elvis Presley, once again, Didier Poirier was seduced. “Little by little, I tried to be like them…”

His apartment dedicated to his idols

He buys their records, follows their respective careers, is on the lookout for information concerning them. He fills albums with press clippings, frames photos… He is always looking for records on the internet, limited editions to enrich his personal collection, carefully arranged in bins which are stacked in his living room. Not a single room in his apartment in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët recalls this fan’s attachment to these two stage monsters.

If he didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Elvis, he followed his musicians on a tribute tour. In front of the catalog of the artists’ discography, he mentions the value of vinyls from €15 to €920. “I didn’t have the chance or the means to have an object that belonged to them,” he confides. But I still spent up to €300 on a record. That’s my limit, you have to stay reasonable.”

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Love me Tender, a fan association

In 2002 at Trabendo in Paris, he received a dedication from Scotty, alias Winfield Scott Moore, Elvis Presley’s first guitarist in 1954, on a pirate record, released in Malaysia in 1976. November 6, 2003, during a concert in Paris, he met James Burton, guitarist of his idol from 1969 to 1977. “It was his wife who took our photo,” he notes proudly, pointing to the frame, prominently placed in his living room.

Elvis Presley died in 1977, Johnny Halliday forty later in 2017. “I cried and listened to them all day, but I didn’t go to the different gatherings.”

In 1988 with other fans from Normandy, he created the Love me Tender association. It brings together around fifty members. In 2002, living in Mortain, he created Love me Tender Dixie Elvis Presley fan club.

She is the one who organizes the Salon du record at the Salle des de Bion, Sunday May 26, all day.

Record fair and all collections, Sunday May 26, 2024 in Bion. €5 per table. Contacts: [email protected], 06 36 64 82 74; Christophe Martin: 07 71 59 10 60 or 02 33 49 55 81; Colette Milet: 07 71 10 92 63.

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