Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in a sentimental bluette on the sets of Hollywood

They are beautiful, they are warm, they smell like hot sand (the film takes place partly in the desert): Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt form an ideal couple for a romance set in Hollywood, she, a director and he, a stuntman. Director David Leitch, more versed in action films (Bullet Train), invites you to follow him on these plateaus that he knows well. Once the framework is set, David Leitch develops a fairly conventional scenario with some length over time.

On screens Wednesday May 1, The Fall Guy is connected with this spring date, after which run an actress and an actor who find each other after a break of ten years of age.

Colt Seavers is a stuntman in Hollywood. After an accident slows down his career, he is tasked with finding a star who has disappeared. Continuing to work, he performed stunts on a film directed by Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt) from whom he had separated ten years previously. Between stunts risking his life and the discovery of a plot against Hollywood, when will Colt find the time to reconnect with the woman of his life?

Hollywood has often used itself as a setting for its productions since the 1920s, and the subject of filmmaking as a backdrop, or as a real subject, is eminently cinematic. Intriguing for the viewer, isn’t the impression of passing through the mirror, into a fantastical environment par excellence? Bringing together two of the biggest stars of the moment – ​​Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt – is very promising, and director David Leitch’s knowledge of the industry is an asset.

With this beautiful couple of actors, Hollywood brings out the red carpet, and David Leitch seeks the balance between love and action. The director plays the glamor card and never goes beyond the framework of a format where everything is planned, under control and without slippage. The film nevertheless breaks records for stunts shot for a feature film, but the romance remains its major strength, The Fall Guy making sure to please both male and female spectators.

The Fall Guy can be seen without displeasure with the change of scenery due to the magic of studios, film sets, sunlight and Hollywood sun. Without spoiling the film, the relationship between Colt and Jody evolves, from past grudges to rediscovered feelings, not without ambiguity, spiced with cocaine, and against a backdrop of professional rivalry. This is perhaps a lot for a single film, hence the feeling that the film is a little excessively long. The Fall Guy nonetheless remains one feel good movie pleasant in this rainy spring.


The poster of


The poster of

The poster for “The Fall Guy” by David Leitch (2024). (UNIVERSAL PICTURES)

Gender: Romance/Action comedy
Director : David Leitch
Actors: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Winston Duke, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu
Duration : 2:05
Exit : May 1, 2024
Distributer : Universal Pictures
Synopsis: It’s the story of a stuntman, and like all stuntmen, he gets shot, exploded, crushed, thrown out of windows and always falls higher and higher… to the delight of the audience. After an accident which almost ended his career, this anonymous cinema hero will have to find a missing star, foil a plot and try to win back the woman of his life while braving death every day on the sets. What’s the worst that could happen to him?



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