the journey of a lover of words

the journey of a lover of words
the journey of a lover of words

Piaf, Barbara, we gave him all kinds of relatives who were a little heavy to carry. So the artist, singer Barbara Pravi wrote Solike that, it’s clear. She handles words, she likes it, it’s her lifeand his smoldering gaze does the rest.

Writing has always been part of Barbara Pravi’s daily life and it’s what pushed her towards music. “It was by reading and writing that I managed to truly put my emotions into words. That’s how music started. It started with putting words to emotions I couldn’t understand.“, she explains. Through each of her texts, she transforms her vulnerability into strength.

Once she arrived in the music industry, Barbara Pravi was confronted with its harsh reality. “I got to the point where I was no longer able to make a decision because I was so convinced that I was truly worthless, that I was truly a piece of shit. I was drained of all substance“, she says in Stubborn.

To leave, I had to make the decision to stop music.

Barbara Pravi

To find herself, she had to make a radical choice. “To leave, I had to make the decision to stop music. I said to myself, ‘the only place these people don’t have possession of you is your lyrics. Your freedom is your writing‘. (…) So, I separated myself from these people by telling myself, my career will be writing for others,” she confides.

Her personal life was also marked by violence, that of a romantic relationship which lasted a year and a half when she was only eighteen. “I didn’t go to the police because what was happening to me was serious, it had to stop. It was really ‘Protect yourself because you’re going to go back there’. ( …) I knew I would go back. So I needed a framework to force myself to never go there again“, she explains.

In her texts, Barbara Pravi evokes personal struggles, particularly that of women, but she refuses to become their representative. “When I fight for women, I fight for me. I don’t feel at all invested with a mission. I refuse the idea, it will never be my place, she explains. When I talk about women, it’s because I’m talking about my history. And if it resonates, it’s magnificent.”

What does it mean to be tenacious according to her? “To be tenacious, I would say that it is to persevere. I think that it is to have faith in something and to give oneself body and soul to reach the end of this thing, to the end of a dream, to the end of a ambition, at the end of an idea, whatever the idea, whatever the dream, whatever the ambition.”

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