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Transformation of Disneyland Paris: 2 billion investment for a second youth

On the occasion of its 32e anniversary, Disneyland Paris announced that it wanted to write a new page in its history, with several radical changes. With an investment of nearly two billion euros, the park will change its name, open a world dedicated specifically to the Snow Queen, and wants to focus everything on an immersive experience, by doubling its surface area.

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Published on 04/17/2024 at 9:30 p.m.

Disneyland Paris thinks big. To celebrate its 32 years of activity, the most famous amusement park franchise in the world took everyone by surprise by announcing the start of colossal construction projects last Friday.


Change of identity

In front of 1,000 fans and a few cast members, the park announced that it wanted to make several major changes, with the aim of offering an ever more unique experience to park visitors. First surprise: Walt Disney Studios, Disney’s second park, opened in 2002 and focused on behind-the-scenes cinema, is changing its name to Disney Adventure World.

The studios, very popular with young people, were mainly known for thrill rides, immersing visitors in the heart of major Disney films, such as Ratatouille and Toy Story. Now, after having introduced people behind the scenes of major animated films (and not) for more than 20 years, Disney now wants to change its modus operandi, and focus everything on an immersive 360° experience.

As the park explains in a press release, from the month of April, visitors entering the new Disney Adventure World will, upon their arrival, be immersed in the heart of a real modern film studio, like guests of brand during a chic evening in Hollywood!

World of Frozen

However, Disney fans are not at the end of their surprises. Indeed, the park has also announced several impressive projects, such as the creation of “World of Frozen”, a new world entirely dedicated to the universe of… the Snow Queen! Immersed in the heart of Arendelle, Elsa fans will soon be able to stroll through the alleys with colorful houses of the kingdom, and admire the imposing Northern Mountain.

“This name change will apply from the opening of the land inspired by Frozen, World of Frozen, representing a symbolic renewal for this new era which promises to be exciting,” explains Natacha Rafalski, President of Disneyland Paris. “By pushing the boundaries of immersion and innovation, we will bring to life spectacular experiences at Disney Adventure World that will make our guests dream more than ever.”

Immersive experience

“These larger-than-life worlds will become the central element of the park’s new identity. As they progress through the park, guests will be invited to explore these new worlds and fully participate in adventures straight out of our most popular stories,” adds Tom Fitzgerald, Senior Creative Executive for Disneyland Paris and Chief Storytelling Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering.

As the numerous projects show, the park is not shy, and wants to offer an immersive experience for all tastes. From then on, those who do not find what they are looking for in Frozen will only have to travel a few meters to come across Adventure Bay, the other Disneyland project.

Designed for lovers of aquatic shows of all kinds, Adventure Bay is an artificial lake of nearly 70,000 m3, not far from the kingdom of Frozen, which will soon host a multitude of shows combining water jets, fountains, music and other effects spectacular specials.

An investment of nearly 2 billion euros, and an area about to double: the ambition of Disneyland Paris is clear. With this in mind, the park has also undertaken the restoration of several hotels and rooms reserved for visitors, such as the Disney Davy Crockett Ranch. By transforming itself in this way, the amusement park seeks to consolidate its number one position, by diversifying, to offer visitors, young and old, an immersive and limitless experience.



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