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from Haute-Marne to Paris, galloping photography

Originally from Montigny, Gabi Besançon, 21, travels between Haute-Marne and Paris, where she started out as a photographer. Established in the equestrian press, her first love, she now also carries out missions for a major national ready-to-wear brand and…
a French luxury house!

It’s a story of destiny. Meetings in the right place, at the right time. Gabi Besançon admits it bluntly: she has a benevolent star above her head. At 21, the young Haut-Marnaise has already realized part of her dream: to live fully from her passion for photography. Her weeks are now divided between “her” Haute-Marne and… Paris, where she works for the Printemps group as well as for a French luxury house.

“After my literary baccalaureate obtained at the Diderot high school in Langres, when I enrolled in my photography license in a school in 11e Parisian district, I wanted to move towards documentaries. But the difficulties and constraints are great for anyone who wants to get started. I quickly branched off into fashion, but I will inevitably return to my first love one day,” she says.

His photos in the specialized equestrian press

Fashion is vast. Cautious and pragmatic, Gabi Besançon opts for product photography for online commerce. “For everything that concerns fashion shows, modeling photography, the opportunities are really more limited and the candidates on the market are numerous,” she explains. Her work is therefore more technical, “not artistic”, but it is also “a necessary step to perfectly master the ropes in order to evolve more serenely later”.

It is therefore, for the moment, in her native countryside, in Montigny-le-Roi, that she nourishes and refines her artistic talents. Initially, his hobby was horse riding photos. Rider in Châtillon-sur-Seine, at the La Barotte club, Gabi Besançon has been flashing horses in competition for a long time, in Haute-Marne. Over the years and with growing experience, it has gradually expanded its boundaries. “Today, I publish my photos in the specialized press and I have been able to obtain accreditation for major equestrian events, such as the Nations Cup, the Horse Show in Lyon or even… the Prix d’Amérique! “, she says. Olympic Games ? It won’t be for this summer in Paris. But she plans to do so one day.

Especially since the young Haut-Marnaise knows how to seize opportunities. A regular photographer for the Printemps group, this summer she received a mission offer for a French luxury brand. Neither one, nor two, here she is on the team. Gone are the 80 references shot during the day. In this house, there are around ten of us. “When I arrived, I said to myself: ‘These are crazy’. It can take two hours to position a scarf, to raise a fold by a millimeter. Someone has already positioned the light, stylists have checked every detail. The level of requirements is very, very high. There is no room for improvisation,” she says, still impressed.

Shorter, more spaced out but “very intense”, these missions forge his youth, expand his CV and enrich his address book. His new goal? Soon open its photo studio in Montigny, to develop its activity in Haute-Marne. “My installation is in progress,” she says. At a time when the department is losing residents, here is a talent who is heading in the opposite direction.

Delphine Catalifaud

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