Diabetes: Here are the foods to eat to avoid it, according to an endocrinologist

Diabetes: Here are the foods to eat to avoid it, according to an endocrinologist
Diabetes: Here are the foods to eat to avoid it, according to an endocrinologist

In his book, I am learning about anti-diabetes nutrition, the Dr Pierre Nysendocrinologist and nutritionist, focuses on diabetes. As the name suggests, the expert focuses his advice on the foods to eat for avoid diabetes. As recalled Top Healththis disease is defined as being a sugar disorder. “Diabetics do not metabolize carbohydrates properly“, underlines Dr. Pierre Nys in his work.

According to
l’expert, the glycemic index
is a very important indicator for diabetics.”Sugars in food are absorbed more or less quickly or more or less “strongly”. This is measured using the glycemic index.“, he emphasizes. Note that a IG bass is comprised between 0-55. And IG moyen is comprised between 56-69 and one IG élevé is between 70-100It goes without saying that a diet with a GI close to 0 is perfect for those suffering from diabetes.

Opt for legumes and green vegetables

In his
food list to consume to avoid diabetes, Dr. Pierre Nys puts legumes at the top of his list. Rich in proteinlentils, dried beans and others have a low GI since they are also composed of very slow sugars.
Contrary to popular belief, they are excellent allies for diabetics, because they help to stabilize blood sugar more easily.” emphasizes Dr. Nys. According to him, 3 times a week is ideal!

They are the diabetic’s companions, those he must find no matter what in his plate, at lunchtime and in the evening.“, he continues, speaking of the green vegetables. These are therefore ingredients to be included daily in your plate. According to the endocrinologist, 1 raw green vegetable et 1 cooked green vegetable at every meal would be ideal!

Opt for fibrous foods

Whatever its form, fibers greatly help regulate blood sugar. Which is why they are

indispensable for diabetics. At the same time, fibers are satiating. Which avoid snacking between meals. On the health front, the
insulin production is therefore not relaunched. The reaction to carbohydrates is also favored. Dr. Pierre Nys recommends soluble fibers, because they attract water more easily. Which allows some of the fats and carbohydrates to be trapped.

Of course, water is an ally of choice. Firstly, it greatly reduces the risks of dehydration. Risks that are much higher in diabetics. In addition, it contributes greatly to
elimination of excess blood glucoseAccording to him, the ideal would be to drink 8 glasses of water per day for women and 10 glasses for men.



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