New addiction cessation center in Marseille: Anne-Laure Faucher and the Reset Laser method to stop smoking

New addiction cessation center in Marseille: Anne-Laure Faucher and the Reset Laser method to stop smoking
New addiction cessation center in Marseille: Anne-Laure Faucher and the Reset Laser method to stop smoking

Located at 301 avenue du Prado, in 8e district, the Reset Laser office in Marseilleled by specialist practitioner Anne-Laure Faucher, opens its doors to offer innovative method of weaning addictions. Whether it is to quit smoking, get rid of an addiction to alcohol, sugar or even cannabis, Anne-Laure Faucher offers a unique and complete approach thanks to the laser ear reflexologyalso known asauriculotherapy.

Reset Laser, a proven method against addictions

The principle of ear reflexology

The Reset Laser method is distinguished by the use of laser auriculotherapy, a modern and non-invasive technique which stimulates specific points in the ear using a latest generation CE certified laser. This method makes it possible to cut the need to consume addictive substances. Unlike other approaches, it offers a lasting solution by targeting the physiological roots of addictions.

Auriculotherapy or laser ear reflexology works by emitting gentle laser beams on precise points of the ear, similar to acupuncture points. These stimulations trigger the release of endorphins and dopamine, the feel-good hormones, and help rebalance the brain’s reward systems. This not only allows reduce the need for consumptionbut also reduce withdrawal symptomsmaking the detoxification process more comfortable and effective.

A recognized method for quitting smoking and more

One of Reset Laser’s main specialties is to help people quit smoking thanks to the laser. This method has proven its effectiveness in smoking cessation, offering a serious alternative to patches, gums and other nicotine substitutes. But Anne-Laure Faucher’s approach does not stop there. It also extends to other forms of addictionincluding the alcoholthe sucre and the cannabis.

“The laser acts on the reflex points in the ear to release endorphins, which helps reduce the need to consume nicotine, sugar and other products,” explains Anne-Laure. “But the success of this method also depends on the preparation of the patient and the personalized follow-up that we offer.”

Anne-Laure Faucher: an expert dedicated to serving your well-being

An experienced and empathetic practitioner

Anne-Laure Faucher is an experienced laser smoking cessation practitioner deeply committed to supporting its patients towards a life without tobacco and addiction. Trained in the best ear reflexology techniques, Anne-Laure provides empathetic and personalized approach at each consultation.

“Every person is unique, and it is crucial adapt treatment according to individual needs“, explains Anne-Laure. “Our method does not just treat the symptoms, but seeks to understand and treat the underlying causes of addiction. It’s this global approach that makes the difference.”

Personalized follow-up for lasting results

Indeed, the effectiveness of the Reset Laser method does not rely solely on laser technology. Anne-Laure Faucher insists on the importance of personalized follow-up for each patient. After the sessions, a support program is set up to support patients in their transition to a life without tobacco and addiction.

This monitoring includes regular contactof the nutrition and stress management adviceas well as relaxation techniques and of strengthening motivation. This comprehensive approach aims to strengthen patient will and to provide them with the tools necessary to maintain their withdrawal in the long term.

Patients are satisfied with Reset Laser

And this approach against tobacco dependence and other addictions works! Many patients who have followed the Reset Laser program testify to its efficiency. “I had tried to quit smoking several times without success. The laser method was a revelation for me,” confides Sophie, a 35-year-old patient. “Anne-Laure’s support was decisive in my success. Today, I feel liberated and in better health.”

These testimonies highlight the positive impact of the method on the lives of patientsreinforcing Reset Laser’s reputation as a reference center for addiction withdrawal in Marseille.

How to make an appointment and access the Reset Laser practice in Marseille?

The Reset Laser practice in Marseille is ideally located in the heart of the city, 301 avenue du Pradoin the 8e borough. Easily accessible by car, with numerous car parks near the Vélodrome stadium, it is also well served by public transport, notably by the M2 metro line and several bus stops, including the Rond-point du Prado.

Consultations are possible every day by appointment, providing maximum flexibility to accommodate patient schedules. The firm’s website also allows you to make an appointment onlinethus facilitating access to smoking cessation services and other addictions.

Say goodbye to your addictions: book your session in Marseille

With the opening of this new anti-smoking and addiction cessation center, residents of Marseille and the surrounding area now have access to a innovative and effective method to overcome their addictions to tobacco and other addictive substances. Thanks to the laser ear reflexology and at personalized follow-up from Anne-Laure FaucherReset Laser offers a real opportunity to restart a healthier and more serene life. To find out more or make an appointment for a session, visit the Reset Laser website and the Marseille center page.



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