Protein yogurts strengthen the ultrafresh

Within the ultra-fresh (UF) sector, which is in slight decline, skyrs and high-protein (HP) products are outperforming. These are the most valued products and those which arouse the most enthusiasm. They exceed organic in value, in total UF. Although they have a high protein level (9 to 11%) and little fat in common, their marketing positions are very distinct.

Appearing in 2018, skyrs, inspired by an Icelandic recipe, are aimed at a wide audience. With a turnover of 243.8 million euros, they account for only 2.3% of yogurt volumes (4.3% in value), but grew by 63.4% in volume and 71.1% in value in 2023, thanks to the diversification of supply and growing demand. With 40% penetration, they could supplant lightweight and reach 50%. “Light weight is neglected, while skyr reconciles expectations of simplicity, well-being, pleasure and price, with Yoplait at €4.90/kg versus an indicative selling price of €6.20 and €3.50 overall UF »note Bérangère Elan, marketing manager of Yoplait (50% of skyr volumes).


  • +13% : the evolution of ultra-freight turnover, €5.68 billion

  • – 0.7% : the evolution in volume

The skyrs fly away

Weight in value of the different categories, in € billion, and change in value and volume over one year, in %

Source figures: Circana, year 2023, all GMS circuits

A limited nugget

Compared to the skyrs, the HPs remain a niche – even if they are at the forefront in this Olympic year – at 10% penetration and 80.8 million euros, or 1.4% of sales of the UF and 0.6% of volumes, +23.7% in volume and +44.5% in value. “The interest of this offer is that it is very valued [PVI : 8,18 €, NDLR] and that it develops the consumption of UF at times other than the end of a meal. 75% of HP volumes are incremental at UF, underlines Flavia de Courlon, category manager at Lactalis Nestlé UF (LNUF), with Lindahls. It’s a gem, but the potential is limited. »

Created in 2019 by Hipro (Danone, 86.5% market share by value), this segment is aimed at a specific target, athletes, which Danone estimates at 17 million fans, of which 3 million are loyal to Hipro . To grow, players are diversifying their ranges: Hipro + enriched with vitamins for Danone, cheeses and UHT milk drinks for Lindahls.

The novelty also comes from private labels. Carrefour Sensation High Protein, which aims to be “the equivalent of national brands but 30% cheaper”targets families, while Lidl has launched its Envia and Milbona private labels. “A real success, above our forecasts, For Anaïs Muller, buyer of the brand’s dairy products. The sports and nutrition trend is gaining momentum and integrating the lifestyle of consumers, athletes or not. »“The arrival of private label will develop this segment without slowing down the move upmarket of national brands,” think Clémence Jury, marketing consultant at Circana. Because like cosmetics, when it comes to self-image, the room for innovation and the appetite of shoppers are immeasurable.


Launched in 2018 by Agrial, the brand Les 300 Laitiers bio, from the West, released its organic skyrs in April in pots made from 50% recycled plastic.



LNUF offers a portable strawberry drink and extends Lindahls Pro + to cheeses, snacks and UHT milk drinks.

Family format


Emblematic of Yoplait and identifiable on the shelves by its blue facing, the skyr 850 g has been UF’s best reference in VMH for two years, according to NielsenIQ.



This year, Lidl is gradually rolling out Envia, its protein range: dessert creams, milk drinks, fruit dairy specialties, rice pudding and Liège cheese.



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