EMA grants authorization for European chikungunya vaccine

EMA grants authorization for European chikungunya vaccine
EMA grants authorization for European chikungunya vaccine

Written by The Meilleurtaux editorial team .

June 17, 2024
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IXCHIQ! This is the name of the vaccine against chikungunya which has just obtained a positive opinion from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has already approved it in November 2023.

Hope for the millions exposed to chikungunya

Caused by a virus carried by the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), like dengue and Zika virus disease, chikungunya is known to cause high fevers and joint pain that can be debilitating. Although it is not endemic to Europe, more than 60 French departments today present the necessary conditions for the proliferation of its vector. Numerous epidemic episodes have already taken place in Africa, Asia, South America, but also in the overseas department of Reunion.

Till today, no dedicated treatment for chikungunya has been available. The only care provided is symptomatic. The positive opinion from the EMA for the marketing of the Ixchiq vaccine is therefore a sign of hope for the millions of people exposed to the disease. In France, numerous cases imported by travelers have been recorded as well as a few indigenous patients. With global warming, however, the risk will gradually increase. With a marketing authorization, complementary health organizations will be able to include the vaccine in their care.

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Protection lasting six months after administration of the vaccine

Designed and distributed by the Austrian laboratory Valneva, IXCHIQ chikungunya vaccine provides protection for six months after administration. It is based on attenuated viruses that enhance the specific immune response. To date, it is the only vaccine available to combat this tropical disease which affects tens of thousands of patients around the world each year.

ImportantThe vaccine will still need to be validated by the European Commission before it can be placed on the market. The final decision should be made before the end of 2024.

Alongside its European application, the Austrian laboratory has also initiated a request for authorization in the United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil. The United States already granted it in December last year.

To remember
  • The IXCHIQ vaccine against chikungunya has just received the green light from the European Medicines Agency.
  • It offers six months of protection.
  • Validation from the European Commission is still necessary to obtain marketing authorization.


Written by
The Meilleurtaux editorial team



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