Deputy Director of the Côte d’Azur Corsica Regional Service (F/M) – AFM Téléthon, Lucciana (20290)

About Us

The AFM-Téléthon, an association of patients and parents of patients, is a major player in biomedical research for rare diseases, thanks to donations from the Telethon which it organizes every first weekend of December. Its missions: to accelerate the development of innovative therapies thanks in particular to a strike force of 500 scientific experts within the Institute of Biotherapies; supporting families on a daily basis, defending their access to quality care and their rights. Joining the Association means contributing to the fight against diseases that affect more than 3 million people in France. It means participating in a revolution in medicine that saves lives. It means embarking on an adventure. exceptional human

Area(s) of intervention of the position


Job Description

The AFM-Téléthon is an association of sick people and parents of sick people committed to the fight against illness.
Renowned for its exceptional mobilization in favor of scientific research in rare diseases, it developed regional support services for sick people (children and adults), and their loved ones, following the first telethon.
Human-sized teams, made up of a Director, an Assistant and Health Pathway Referents (RPS), these services help the people concerned to:
– understand the illness that affects them, secure their care pathway,
– find solutions adapted to everyday life (schooling, employment, housing, etc.),
– identify the rights and steps to take to benefit from the necessary assistance.

The AFM-Téléthon continues its work of accompaniment and support for patients and their families. In Corsica, the support system is extended to certain rare and non-rare diseases. In this context, for its Department of Actions with Families, it is looking for:

Deputy Director of the Côte d’Azur Corsica Regional Service (M/F)
For the Corsica Antenna
Permanent contract – full time
Position based in Lucciana (2B)

Main missions and responsibilities:

Supervision and animation:

• Ensure the recruitment, supervision and animation of the team by ensuring their skills increase (Health pathway referent, AMA)
• Ensure the consistency of actions with families so that they mobilize the mechanisms that can respond to the problems posed by the illness and its evolution
• Ensure the multidimensional assessment of the situation of sick people,
• Including their entourage, and the co-construction with them of their personalized support project
• Ensure the effectiveness of the project to support sick people and their families in their health journey,
• Ensure the quality of the support offered, ensure that the supported person accesses a life path that they consider to be consistent with their wishes and personal values,
• Identify new problems encountered by sick people and participate in the development of actions to be developed.
Management :
• Ensure the management of the Regional Service (SR) Branch at the administrative, budgetary, human resources level, in conjunction with the national support functions, and the director of the SR

AFM-Téléthon internal collaboration:

• Work closely with local volunteer networks.

Coordination and territorial coverage:

• Guarantee good coordination of the Regional Service Branch with all the divisions of the Family Actions Directorate, to which the Deputy Director is attached, and with the HEIDER mission directorates (Medical Actions directorate, of Public Affairs)
• Guarantee the quality of patient care pathways through active collaboration with the Reference Centers for Neuromuscular Diseases, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease on the continent, the Multiple Sclerosis Resource and Skills Center in the Region, etc.
• Guarantee the organization and progress of advanced medical consultations in Corsica.
• Continue and develop collaborations in the territory with networks of local professionals likely to contribute to the responses of patients and their families with the various actors around the health journey of the sick person.
• Continue and develop collaborations with the various regional systems (DAC, EqLAAT, ESMND, etc.)

Associative representation:
• Ensure the representation of the AFM-Téléthon to institutional stakeholders and inter-associative collectives

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Required profile

Profile :

You have solid field experience in management, in the management of structures or services and in partnership in the field of Health, as well as experience working in a network. You have experience in supporting sick and/or disabled people. You have a very good knowledge of public policies aimed at sick and disabled people. You have mastered project management and are comfortable speaking in public. You have negotiation, analysis, synthesis and writing skills. You have a sense of responsibility and very good interpersonal skills;

Personal vehicle and valid B license essential.
Very frequent trips to Ajaccio, and throughout the Region. Occasional travel on the continent and/or to the headquarters of the Association.




Start date :


Work time :

Full time

Benefits :

RTT, restaurant ticket, teleworking, CET etc.

Application deadline:


Details to apply for this offer:

This company uses a recruitment process external to ASH JOB.
By clicking on “Apply”, you will be directly redirected to their site.
For this reason, we will not be able to track your application on our platform.
The company will get back to you directly.



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