[Visioconférence Pompe à insuline et grossesse en replay]

[Visioconférence Pompe à insuline et grossesse en replay]
[Visioconférence Pompe à insuline et grossesse en replay]

Tuesday June 18, 2024, many of you joined us to follow live the videoconference organized by the Federation on the theme Pregnancy and insulin pump, with Doctor Lecornet Sokol and Virginie, young mother with an insulin pump.

During this videoconference, Virginie shared her experience as a young mother on an insulin pump and provided personal insight into our expert’s advice.

Participants were able to ask many questions about before, during and after pregnancy for people with diabetes.

Doctor Lecornet Sokol recalled throughout this exchange the need / importance of preparing your pregnancy plan in advance, that your diabetologist and your healthcare team is essential, so that it takes place in good conditions.

“Programming the pregnancy is one of the keys to ensuring that the pregnancy goes well for the mother and the baby…The fact of having anticipated, the fact of having done all your assessment and balancing your diabetes well , the fact of having taken stock to be sure that when we start the pregnancy, we are in the best possible conditions. All its elements are part of the strategy to ensure that everything goes as well as possible. »

Virginie gives her feelings about close follow-up appointments: “I found it very reassuring because you have to know that it is a risky pregnancy… Everything we do upstream is precisely to avoid risks during and afterward… I very well went through all these appointments…I found it quite nice to have more ultrasounds than some women. »

At the end of this videoconference, Doctor Sokol pays tribute to all these women who went to the end by showing them his admiration for their courage and determination.

Complete Virginia: “It’s true that we have an extra sense of pride in saying that we managed to do all that! »

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