Here’s how many nuts you should eat to extend your life expectancy, according to a study

Here’s how many nuts you should eat to extend your life expectancy, according to a study
Here’s how many nuts you should eat to extend your life expectancy, according to a study

According to scientists, you would benefit from eating nuts because not only are they good for the heart and brain, but they also extend your life expectancy. How much should you consume per day? We tell you everything.

Various researchers around the world have embarked on a plethora of analyzes to determine the health benefits acquired through the consumption of nuts. It appears that the latter, in addition to being a delight for the palate, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer and extend life expectancy. However, to the question of how many fruits to eat per day to increase life expectancy, the answers are even more surprising. We tell you everything.

How many nuts should you eat to extend your life expectancy?

Varieties of nuts and their health benefits

Nuts refer to a variety of dried fruit among which we can cite walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans and cashews. Brazil nuts and peanuts are also part of the large group of these dried fruits. In their composition, they contain a set of vitamins, minerals, magnesium, phosphorus, dietary fiber and antioxidants beneficial to health.

Furthermore, nuts contain bioactive compounds such as fats in the form of linoleic acids which are essential substances for the body. It should therefore be noted that the fatty acids or omega 3 contained in nuts are beneficial for cardiovascular health, brain health and also for the eyes.

Good reasons to eat nuts

The fiber content of nuts optimizes the digestion by strengthening the gastric and intestinal mechanism, which reduces the risk of diseases such as Colon Cancerreports the magazine Marmiton. According to a study published in the journal Nutrients in 2010, nuts help regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. In addition, according to the same study, the consumption of nuts promotes the reduction of inflammation, oxidative stress and regulates blood sugar levels. Beyond these analyses, daily consumption of nuts is recommended to make the most of their health benefits and to increase life expectancy.

How many nuts should you eat to extend your life expectancy?

There France is at the head of the European peloton in the annual nut productionapproximately 38,000 tonnes are harvested every year. This nut is delicious and offers many benefits to the body. Also, 100 g of nuts is equivalent to around 700 Kcal daily. This high lipid content calls for limiting the consumption of nuts to a ten per day, or about two servings daily. Thus, the oilseeds contained in pistachios and almonds reduce the risk of mortality by 39% and increase your life expectancy. This is the conclusion of the study carried out on 7,000 volunteers by the researchers.

The immeasurable benefits of nuts

Nuts reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

In a study published in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, observations were made by researchers on mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease having followed a walnut diet and those suffering without a diet. It emerged after a few months that the mice with Alzheimer’s disease whose diet was supplemented with nuts obtained better memory and learning abilities. They were also less anxious and had better motor skills than the sick mice, but which had not received a walnut diet. At the same time, another study published in Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging was made on 4822 the elderly around 55 years old for more than 20 years. This analysis concluded that excessive consumption of nuts over a long period optimizes performance in older adults.

Nuts that are effective for weight loss

Studies carried out by Spanish researchers in this direction have succeeded in proving that adding nuts such as walnuts to your daily menu is an asset for losing weight, thanks to their low content of carbohydrates. According to their research, there is a difference in waist circumference and weight for people who have balanced diet with nuts. For these experiments, the researchers used walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecan nuts, cashew nuts and Brazilian nuts.

Nuts for pregnant women

Nuts contain healthy fats, calcium folic acid and various others nutrients important for the healthy growth of the fetus. Therefore, including nuts in the pregnant woman’s diet provides proteins, fibers and minerals that future mothers need for well-being during pregnancy. In the end, it is clearly stated that during early childhood, adolescence and adulthood, consuming nuts is beneficial.



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