7 natural remedies to effectively relieve a mosquito bite

7 natural remedies to effectively relieve a mosquito bite
7 natural remedies to effectively relieve a mosquito bite

If we look forward to summer, some unwanted guests didn’t wait for the sunny days to invade our homes. For several weeks, the infernal buzzing of mosquitoes has been disturbing our homes and spoiling the rare outdoor aperitifs that we manage to organize.

If you haven’t been able to escape their bites, here are seven natural remedies to relieve you.

1. Ice cubes

Generally speaking, cold is known to quickly soothe itching caused by insect bites. Simple, effective and economical, this solution is perfect, even if its effect is only temporary.

2. Baking soda

The effectiveness of this grandmother’s remedy no longer needs to be proven! Dilute three tablespoons in 100 ml of water, then apply a few drops to a compress and place it on the area to be treated. You can also try alcoholic compresses, white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

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3. Essential oils

Essential oils can relieve mosquito bites. The most effective are clove, peppermint and eucalyptus. Tea tree and lavender oil are also recommended. A few drops on a tissue are enough.

Trick : If you don’t have any on hand, some toothpastes contain peppermint, so a dab can be applied directly to the bite for relief.

4. Banana peel

Nutritious, it can also reduce itching linked to mosquito bites. Apply it to the flesh side of the pimples for 5 to 10 minutes after disinfecting the area with soap and water. Alternatively, slices of potato or cucumber can also do the trick.

5. Gels based on menthol or aloe vera

Renowned for their healing properties, these gels are often used to relieve heavy legs and provide freshness. Be careful, however, it is recommended to apply a small amount to the skin to test for possible allergies or eczema before using them on a sting.

6. Garlic or onion

Just like vampires, insects (including mosquitoes) do not like garlic and onions. Use these ingredients as prevention or to treat a sting by rubbing a clove of garlic or a piece of onion on the pimple for a few seconds to soothe the itching.

7. Vinegar or lemon

Vinegar and lemon have antiseptic properties. Be careful though, only wine or cider vinegar and preferably organic will work. Mix these ingredients with water and apply it, with a compress or cotton pad, directly to the bite.



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