Public Health Meetings France 2024

Public Health Meetings France 2024
Public Health Meetings France 2024

The 2024 Public Health Meetings labeled a Great National Cause

In this historic year for sport in France with the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris from July 28 to September 8, and under the leadership of the President of the Republic to make the promotion of Physical and Sports Activity the Great national cause 2024, Public Health France wanted to be part of this approach and is proposing a 2024 edition of the Public Health France Meetings focused on the promotion of physical and sporting activity and the limitation of a sedentary lifestyle. As such, the agency received the Great National Cause 2024 Label.

On the program for these two days:

  • A plenary on the theme “Experimentation and behavior change” during which an OECD intervention is planned on effective policies to increase physical activity.
  • A focus on: How to adapt your sporting practice and physical activity in a context of climate change?
  • A session on “Sport as an environment for implementing health promotion actions”.
  • A session: “From theory to practice: behavioral sciences in the service of public health” which will include a presentation on sports practice among adolescents.

Session “Public health issues during major events: what prospects for the JOP Paris 2024? »

On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the entire country is mobilizing and public health is no exception to the rule. This session will notably give the floor to international public health experts on the subject of the preparation and holding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London and Tokyo. It will also mobilize various French actors involved in the preparation of the Games. Through a few presentations followed by a round table, this session will try to understand the need for very specific mobilization, before and during the event, and to collectively share the challenges for public health at the time of the JOP Paris 2024.

A plenary on the need to think together about environmental protection and public health

The study of the intrinsic links between plant, animal, human and ecosystem health has enabled the development of a transdisciplinary and systemic approach defined under the “One Health” concept. The emergence of new epidemics and zoonotic diseases have often been at the center of this approach.

Also, it is becoming more and more obvious that the environmental factors at the origin of health problems are multiple and complex and that the prevention of chronic diseases must also take into account these complex interactions between the different components of our environment. The objective of this session is to demonstrate the benefit of thinking jointly about environmental protection and public health. In particular, it will be a question of illustrating the importance of protecting and restoring the quality of environments and biodiversity in a context where it is urgent to implement adaptation and mitigation policies to fight against climate change. The session will focus on describing the co-benefits for the environment and human health of nature-based adaptation and mitigation solutions.

Times of discussion around themes linked to our strategic axes

During these two days, sessions are organized on different themes reflecting the strategic orientations of the agency and its six major public health issues. French or international speakers as well as experts from Public Health France will come to explore current topics, share their experiences and their know-how in public action for health. On the program for the two days:

Thursday June 13, 2024

  • Deployment of health mediation: what challenges and levers for the territories?
  • Public health innovation
  • Acceleration of zoonoses: understanding the phenomenon to better prepare for it
  • Sport as an environment for implementing health promotion actions

Friday June 14, 2024

  • Public health issues during major events: what are the prospects for the JOP Paris 2024?
  • The need for evolution and adaptation of epidemiological surveillance methods: between technological innovations and realities on the ground
  • From theory to practice: behavioral sciences in the service of public health
  • Public Health France’s open data: which data for which audiences?


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