Local service points

Vaccination and screening centers, set up during the pandemic, have been converted into local service points in order to offer a wider range of preventive services to the population and to relieve congestion in hospitals.

By Sandra Morin, director of vaccination and screening of the CISSS-CA

In Chaudière-Appalaches, we have five local service points, located in Lévis, Montmagny, Sainte-Marie, Saint-Georges and Thetford.

We also offer certain preventive services such as vaccination and sampling at local sites which are, most of the time, on the premises of certain CLSCs.


Vaccination offered at our sites against:

– COVID-19, ongoing;

– Influenza, offered in the fall and winter;

– Shingles, free for people aged 75 and over as well as immunocompromised people aged 18 and over;

– Measles;

– Diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus for pregnant women;

– Smallpox.

The Vaccination Questions telephone line – 1 866 553-0421 was set up for users to answer their questions related to vaccination. The person leaves their question on a voicemail and a nurse contacts them within 24 to 48 hours to discuss.


Detection of COVID-19 continues year-round while detection of influenza is only offered in the fall and winter. It is still possible to obtain rapid tests by going directly to one of our local service points.

Streptococcus A screening is offered to users aged three and over with symptoms. According to the assessment, users meeting the criteria will be tested and treated if they test positive.

People aged 50 to 74 can access colorectal cancer screening more quickly, whether they have a doctor or not. This age group is most likely to suffer from this type of cancer. Meetings are held by telephone or in person, at the user’s choice.

Blood samples and tests

All blood, secretion, stool and urine samples that do not include specific instructions for technique or storage can be carried out at our local service points or at a nearby site. A prescription is required to perform these tests.

An offer combining whooping cough vaccination and a 3rd trimester check-up is available to pregnant women around the 27th week of their pregnancy. It allows women to receive these services during the same appointment.

How to make an appointment

For vaccination and screening, you can make an appointment at clicsanté.ca. Time slots are available during the day, evening and weekend to meet the needs of our population.

As for samples, making an appointment is simple by calling 1 855 480-8094, by visiting cisssca.com/prelevements or on the POMELO application, depending on your availability, when you have the sample request in hand. Time slots are available during the day, in line with the opening of the laboratories.



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