3 simple and effective exercises to work on your memory

3 simple and effective exercises to work on your memory
3 simple and effective exercises to work on your memory

Renowned hypnotherapist and founder of Psychonaute, an online training platform, Kevin Finel has worked extensively on memory and the possibilities of developing it through self-hypnosis. However, as we get older, stimulating our memory becomes essential and not only to slow down cognitive decline or prevent Alzheimer’s.When we are young, our memory is naturally stimulated because we have to learn many new things, skills and data, explains Kevin Finel. Afterwards, when we enter working life, we often stay in the same profession for a long time and we have a little less need to develop new skills. We work less on memory, which, a bit like a muscle, tends to atrophy a little when it is not used..”

Gold “learning new things allows you not only to maintain your memory but also to stay connected to the outside world and even improve your self-esteem, continues our hypnotherapist. This is important, especially since contrary to what we often wrongly think, we do not have a worse memory at 50 than at 20!”. More good news: you can learn memorization techniques to further improve your memory, whatever your age.We see a lot of seniors in memory competitions, notes Kevin Finel, proof that it is in our interest to work on our memory at any age. It’s often more a problem of belief than ability”.

Seniors don’t have worse memories!

Thus, according to our expert, the vast majority of memory problems are in reality rather linked to related difficulties: loss of confidence in our abilities to learn, lack of habit and stimulation, lack of concentration, quality and time attention… Fortunately, we can easily acquire new reflexes. “When we practice self-hypnosis regularly, we significantly boost our attention and concentration abilities, indicates Kevin Finel. Another area for working on your memory and using techniques for associating ideas and creating links. For example, to remember a date, it is interesting to combine it with symbols”.

For you, here are three simple little exercises offered by our expert, which use visualization (self-hypnosis) and associations of ideas to work on your memory, and can be reproduced regularly, because memory is maintained.

Create a memorization table

The first step is to associate each number with an object: to do this, you will take each number and choose an object which, for you, is close to the shape of this number. For example, you might associate the number 0 with a tennis ball and 1 with a ladder. For each number, choose an object and write it down in a small table. Then you will visualize the number and the object: to help you, if you are not very visual, look on the Internet for an image of the object in question in order to make your visual memory work properly. You will spend twenty to thirty seconds per figure. PTake the time, it’s worth it: this tip will work for the rest of your life! During these twenty to thirty seconds, you will look at the number and the object, while feeling that you are mentally connecting them. For example, if you associate zero with a tennis ball, your memory will seal this link, it will remain deeply anchored in you. To check that the link is in place, take the numbers out of order and remember the objects linked to them each time, until it is quick, obvious.

Create a mini mental palace

A mental palace is an imaginary place. It is precise enough in your head to find it every time, with all the details you put into it. To put it simply, you will visualize a room in your house or apartment. You will choose 5 objects that appear when you look at this room from the entrance and in a clockwise direction. For example, you may first see a painting, a bed, a wardrobe, a window and a bookcase. Mentally carry out this circuit four or five times: it will be important since you will lay out your learning by following it each time.

Combining the table and the palate

For this example, take the phone number of a person you would like to know by heart. If the first two numbers are 01, you will take the first location in your room and imagine a tennis ball and a ladder, in that order. You could, for example, see a ladder that is placed on a tennis ball and as this image is strange, you will remember it very easily! Continue in this way for the other numbers: visualize them in pairs at each of the 5 locations in your mini-mental palace. Continue in this way for the other numbers: visualize them in pairs at each of the 5 locations in your mini-mental palace. You will thus obtain a journey, like a little story, which will come back to you very easily even a few days later!



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