why keep household products in their original packaging?

why keep household products in their original packaging?
why keep household products in their original packaging?

When you transfer the contents of a floor cleaner or bleach into a plastic bottle, you find yourself missing essential information regarding the composition of the liquid, the dangers it represents and the instructions to follow for its use.

To minimize domestic accidents involving chemical substances, the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) advises strongly:

  • to keep the products in their original packaging in order not to lose the instructions and warnings which are crucial for poison control centers or health professionals to correctly assess the toxicological danger and determine the appropriate treatment;
  • in the event that it is imperative to change the container, note legibly on the new container the name of the initial product, specify whether a dilution has been carried out and photograph the UFI code of the product (this unique 16-digit number, located near the name or risk warnings, is used by poison control centers to identify the product and its composition);
  • if the item was purchased in bulk, opt for a suitable container, reusing the original packaging if possible, and affix the label provided by the distributor or a mark indicating the necessary information (name of the product , instructions for use, batch number, etc.);
  • to place reconditioned products out of the reach of children, ideally in a locked cabinet;
  • store food and drinks separately from cleaning products, and refrain from putting the latter in the refrigerator.

It is important to emphasize

Following examination of the calls received by the poison control centers, theANSES identified 33,650 incidents due to repackaging between 2017 and 2021, which corresponds to approximately 6,000 incidents annually. In most cases, the ingestions were either asymptomatic or of low severity.

However, 108 serious incidents were reported, 17 of which involved children under the age of 15. Five deaths were reported, including that of a three-year-old child.

To remember

If a harmful substance is ingestedit is imperative to contact immediately:

– 15, 18 or 112 (114 for people with hearing difficulties);
– 01 45 42 59 59 to contact a poison control center (emergency number accessible at any time, day and night, all week).




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