Goodbye adipose cellulite, this miracle essential oil accelerates the elimination of fat as if by magic

As with wrinkles, many cosmetic products are offered to combat cellulite. However, it is not always necessary to turn to expensive care. Certain natural remedies can indeed be used to treat it. This is particularly the case of an essential oil produced from a plant from the French coast: sea ​​samphire.

Most essential oil manufacturers today sell oils made from sea samphire. For good reason, this plant is not only renowned for its crucial role in the biodiversity, but also for its benefits for the human body. Unlike many essential oils, it cannot be consumed. Instead, it should be applied to the skin to enjoy its benefits.

Sea samphire essential oil is useful for fighting cellulite

You may already know about samphire if you have stayed on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts French. This plant is in fact often present on rocks, not far from beaches. Always green, its leaves stand out from the others because of their appearance fleshyrecognizable among a thousand.

What you probably don’t know is that sea samphire is popular with brands of essential oils, cosmetics and para-pharmaceutical products. For a long time, this plant has been known for its deworming effectsits depurative properties as well as its action against hydrolipid retention. In other words, sea samphire essential oil can be used to fight cellulite.

photo credit: Aroma Force Sea samphire essential oil

How to use sea samphire essential oil against cellulite?

Sea samphire essential oil also hides effects on thefat elimination. It tones the skin and promotes skin regeneration. In itself, you can use this oil for its action both against adipose cellulite (linked to the multiplication of fat in the human body) and the watery cellulite (which forms due to excessive water retention).

Several methods exist for using this essential oil against cellulite, whatever its form. The simplest technique is to simply apply two or three drops to your skin, in areas affected by cellulite. Then, it is necessary to massage these areas for the product to take effect.

photo credit: Pranarom Pranarôm sea samphire essential oil

An essential oil against cellulite that should not be abused

Sea samphire essential oil is not without its flaws. Its main disadvantage is linked to the sea samphire itself. This plant is the subject of a intense protection in France, since it is an endangered species. It is also classified on the red list endangered species, as indicated in the National Inventory of Natural Heritage (INPN).

From sea samphire

photo credit: Shutterstock From sea samphire

In several departments, the picking of sea samphire is regulated. In Finistère, it even ended up being permanently banned. If its essential oil is sought after for its effects against cellulite, it is therefore not the ideal solution for large-scale treatments. The resources needed to produce this treatment remain rare.



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