Mayotte: The cholera epidemic continues with 105 cases recorded, Santé Publique France launches a call for the mobilization of health professionals

The cholera outbreak in Mayotte follows a resurgence of the disease in East Africa since 2021. An outbreak is currently underway in the Comoros, with increased circulation in recent weeks, particularly in Anjouan.

In the territory, the epidemic is favored by difficulties in accessing drinking and running water as well as by sanitation defects in certain disadvantaged neighborhoods of the island, explains Santé Publique France. The vast majority of cases were detected in the commune of Koungou, in a precarious neighborhood where some residents consume river water and where there is no wastewater disposal.

Public Health France is mobilized to fight the spread of the disease and support the affected populations with the Mayotte Regional Unit on the front line, while volunteers from the Health Reserve have been deployed to reinforce the medical teams. Vaccines were also acquired and sent to Mayotte to protect the most vulnerable people.

Faced with this situation, Public Health France has launched a call for the mobilization of volunteer health professionals to strengthen the teams on site. Health authorities also remind you of the hygiene measures to follow to protect yourself from the disease, such as washing your hands regularly, drinking clean water and avoiding raw or undercooked foods.

In Mayotte, 86 reservists from the Health Reserve are currently mobilized as part of various missions initiated since mid-April, including 54 specifically on cholera. They strengthen the teams of the ARS, Public Health France Mayotte, the Mayotte Hospital Center and the Reference Medical Centers, or intervene in the field for investigation or vaccination missions.

Damien Chaillot



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