a new way to externalize your stress and feelings

a new way to externalize your stress and feelings
a new way to externalize your stress and feelings

Straight from the United States, the Rage Ritual – translated into French as “rage ritual” – arrives in France. These are spiritual retreats for women during which they can release their stress, their frustrations about inequalities and their hatred of patriarchy. In any case, it is sold as such by the organizers of these courses.

Expressing your emotions by screaming and hitting in the forest

And for this, the method clashes with the framework in which these retreats are offered: in the middle of the forest, the women are invited to scream, break and hit with a stick, in short to let off steam, to release their anger. At the end, participants are supposed to be reconciled with their emotions.

In France, Rage Rituals are starting to emerge, particularly on social networks, where we see more and more videos showing this kind of scene. On TikTok, you will find them with the hashtag #ragerituals.

@miamagik I’m blown away by the power of #mirrorgazing #witchery #selflove ♬ original sound – MiaMagik

When people do this and give themselves permission to release their anger, their capacity to experience joy increases, indicates Mia Banducci, an organizer of these courses, who calls herself MiaMagik on TikTok, to the British media The Independent. Shes are able to feel more happiness and pleasure, and they return home with more gratitude, ease and peace.“To truly express their feelings during sessions, Mia Banducci invites each woman to name the people who have upset them, hurt them or abused them.

Expensive sessions, up to $4,000 per day

If the natural setting, in the forest, suggests that the practice is accessible to everyone, this is false. These one-day sessions cost between $3,000 and $4,000. On his websitethere “spiritual fairy”, as Mia Banducci introduces herself, goes even further than just days. It offers, in France, a week of retreat for prices ranging from 6,500 to 8,000 dollars.

Not everyone adheres to the method. But for those who criticize, the organizer has an answer: “There are particular emotions that are accepted within the gender binary that we all need to feel. Men need to cry – and it’s very healthy for them to cry – and women need to be able to get angry.

But where does this method come from? From the therapy of “primal scream”, developed by Arthur Janov in the 1970s. In his work, the American psychologist assures that psychological pain can be externalized by screaming.



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