reimbursement of vaccines by mutual insurance

The 2024 vaccination calendar has just been released and brings its share of new features. Social Security provides part of the reimbursement. But which vaccines are reimbursed by mutual insurance? Let’s do a check in.

What is the vaccination schedule?

Every year, the Ministry of Health updates the vaccination schedule to respond to developments in epidemics and scientific research. It indicates at what age to vaccinate children and adults, how often and against which diseases.

What’s new in the 2024 vaccination schedule?

In 2024, adjustments are recommended to better protect populations at risk.

Pneumococcal infections

A new vaccine will be used for compulsory vaccination of infants and for people under 18 years of age. It is not yet available and covered by Health Insurance.

In adults, another new vaccine, single dosewill replace current vaccination for people at risk.


Measles remains a highly contagious disease with possible severe complications. The new recommendations recommend a second MMR injection in people born after 1980 who received a first vaccination before the age of one.


A new vaccine is recommended for immunocompromised adults and people aged over 65 years old.

Reimbursement of vaccines by Social Security

Health Insurance covers a large number of vaccines included in the vaccination schedule. Reimbursement is generally made up to 65%, on medical prescription. Among the vaccines covered, we find:

  • Mandatory vaccinations for children born after January 1, 2018 (DTP, MMR, hepatitis B, whooping cough, Hib, pneumococcus, meningococcus C);
  • Recommended vaccines generally, in certain situations and in people at risk (meningococcus B, HPV, rotavirus gastroenteritis, Covid-19 from 5 years old, seasonal flu, hepatitis A, tuberculosis, chickenpox, shingles).

Health Insurance covers things differently part of the injection costsdepending on the situation:

  • At 70% when it is carried out by a doctor or midwife during a consultation and a pharmacist if it concerns seasonal flu;
  • At 60% if administered by a nurse on medical prescription;
  • 100 % for people with certain long-term conditions (ALD)pregnant women from 6th month of pregnancyvaccination against Covid-19vaccination against HPV in schools.

Reimbursement of vaccines by mutual insurance

If Social Security only reimburses part of the cost of vaccines, Lmutual health insurance companies can take care of the rest. The level of reimbursement depends on the contract taken out and the guarantees offered. In general, mutual insurance companies offer additional coverage for vaccines reimbursed by Social Securitysometimes for those who are not.

2024 vaccination calendar, what vaccination reimbursement by mutual insurance remains payable2024 vaccination calendar, what vaccination reimbursement by mutual insurance remains payable

How do you know if your mutual insurance reimburses vaccines?

To find out the details of your support, consult your mutual contract on these few points:

  • List of reimbursed vaccines : some mutual insurance companies include a precise list of vaccines covered;
  • Repayment rate : check the reimbursement percentage on expenses not covered by Social Security.
  • Annual ceilings : some mutual insurance companies impose annual reimbursement ceilings for vaccines.

Specific guarantees to look for

When you choose a online mutual health insuranceopt for guarantees that meet your needs:

  • The reimbursement of recommended vaccines for adults and children;
  • The support of travel vaccines, not reimbursed by Social Security;
  • Of the prevention packages covering expenses related to new vaccines or boosters.


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