Doctors diagnosed him with gastrointestinal illness when he had appendicitis: sent home, the 9-year-old boy died of septicemia a few days later

Admitted to the hospital, the child left the next morning with an information leaflet on colds and coughs.

A nine-year-old boy died of septicemia after doctors diagnosed him with stomach flu while he had appendicitis, reports the BBC.

Dylan Cope was taken to hospital in Cwmbran, Wales, on December 6, 2022, with severe stomach pain, but was discharged the next morning with a diagnosis of gastro and information brochure on colds and coughs. He died a week later, on 14 December, from septic shock in a hospital in Cardiff.

He was “writhing” in pain

During his brief stay at the hospital in Cwmbran, the child was seen by a nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics, a surgeon and a clinician. The three health professionals told him that he was suffering from stomach flu and that his stomach pains could come from “swollen glands”. The Welshman was therefore invited to return home.

Nevertheless, Dylan’s condition did not improve after leaving the hospital and on December 10, his father called the emergency services as his son “twisted” in pain on the couch.

Mr Cope then took Dylan back to the hospital of Cwmbran. The child was transferred to a hospital in Cardiff where his parents learned that Dylan was suffering from a “irreversible septic shock and that his organs were too damaged and there was no chance of recovery.” He finally died on December 14, 2022 following a “Septic shock with multiorgan dysfunction caused by a perforated appendix”.



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