“It would be a particularly bad idea to save money” (Frank Vandenbroucke)

“It would be a particularly bad idea to save money” (Frank Vandenbroucke)
“It would be a particularly bad idea to save money” (Frank Vandenbroucke)

Frank Vandenbroucke, responsible minister for Inami, opened the conference celebrating the 60th anniversary of this institution, the cornerstone of our health system. He took advantage of this platform to defend his mandate and plan for the future.

After thanking the Inami staff for their work and emphasizing that Inami was going to have to “reinvent itself in the area of ​​consultation”, the Minister of Public Health reaffirmed his program. It encourages investment and reform. “Needless to say, it would be a particularly bad idea to cut corners: we will need a stable growth path for joint health spending. But we will have to reform: beyond “more money for health”, we will also need “more health for our money”. » A message addressed to the other parties and mainly to the MR which does not hide its intention not to increase the standard of growth in health care.

The Vooruit candidate for the elections – and for his own succession – highlights four dimensions which must lead to critical reflection on the consultation model. “The politician must:

– be systematically based on health (care) objectives,

– emphasize extensive and effective cooperation at all levels and in all areas (collaborating around each individual patient, within networks, and between skill levels),

– review the remuneration system with a view to cooperation and continuity of care, and in this way, guarantee price security,

– by truly placing health promotion, disease prevention and long-term work incapacity at the heart of our concerns. »

Still too many silos

The minister declared that if we want “consultation between healthcare providers and mutual societies to still play an important role in the future, it will be necessary for the consultation system and Inami to take ownership of these goals. And I will allow myself to get straight to the point: the current consultation is too little framed by the health objectives which must be priorities, it continues, despite good intentions, to operate mainly in silos, with the different disciplines which think of first on their own agenda and only consider collaboration secondarily, the system is still too little committed to the need for price security for the patient and it considers care and prevention as if it were a question of two distinct universes.”

Frank Vandenbroucke sent a clear message to the leaders and staff of Inami who “must be a committed actor, who also dares to question the consultation when necessary and who, as a result, gives this consultation a real lasting influence on the future. An actor who anticipates the European and international chapter. »

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