Cancer soon to be diagnosed with a simple blood test?

Cancer soon to be diagnosed with a simple blood test?
Cancer soon to be diagnosed with a simple blood test?

What if, with a simple blood test, we could diagnose cancer before the slightest symptom appeared? This is the successful bet of researchers whose results were published in the famous journal Nature.

Researchers analyzed blood samples from just under 50,000 people, including 5,000 who were diagnosed with cancer. They identified proteins in the blood that were correlated with the presence of cancer. Clear, They found blood markers using a simple blood test that indicate cancer.

These markers are present in the 19 most common cancers. It goes from the lung to the liver via the kidneys. However, until now, to suspect cancer, it is necessary to undergo radiological examinations. A lung scan, an abdominal ultrasound or a mammogram. The idea would be to make a diagnosis not only before the slightest symptom appears, but even before the slightest abnormality appears visible on radiological examinations.

Earlier diagnosis

To date, cancer cannot be suspected with a blood test. For certain cancers, we can only get a somewhat rough idea and often very late. In prostate cancer, you can have an elevation of what’s called PSA, which can be a marker of cancer but is far from perfect. In certain cancers, such as breast or ovarian cancer, markers can be measured not for diagnosis but for patient monitoring. Here again, these markers are not perfect and above all, they only rise in the blood at an advanced stage of the disease.

This discovery could help doctors make an earlier diagnosis. Researchers succeeded in identifying blood markers present 7 years before cancer diagnosis. I don’t know if you realize, but perhaps tomorrow we will do cancer screenings with simple blood tests to prevent and potentially treat before the slightest symptom appears.

These blood markers can also help understand cancers. In another study, researchers examined genetic data from more than 300,000 cancer cases. They discovered other blood markers that could cause cancers, including breast cancer. Here again, perhaps tomorrow, researchers will be able to block the progression of cancers thanks to new treatments.

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