Visit the central “Artery” of your health on May 25, Place d’Armes, in Valenciennes

Visit the central “Artery” of your health on May 25, Place d’Armes, in Valenciennes
Visit the central “Artery” of your health on May 25, Place d’Armes, in Valenciennes

Jacques Franzoni: “ All health stakeholders want to decompartmentalize health prevention »

The health data are unambiguous, because the findings in this territory are cruel and clear. Today in Valenciennois, we have 30% more cardiovascular diseases than the national average, a life expectancy 3 years lower for women and 6 years lower for men than the country’s data. “ These problems are strongly linked to obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and aggravated by precariousness. 1 adult is overweight and 1 in 5 obese in our territory », explains Jacques Franzoni, the President of the CPTS (Territorial Professional Health Community) Grand Valenciennes. This alarming quote has also increased during and after COVID with a sedentary lifestyle, confinement disrupting food consumption habits, not to mention omnipresent impoverishment as evidenced by all the charitable associations (Resto du Coeur, Food Bank, People Relief).

To modify this predestined future, the health actors of Valenciennes are reacting, because every tragedy has a virtue and the pandemic has brought healthcare actors closer together throughout France. The link between public hospitals and private establishments, private medicine with health sites, and healthcare stakeholders in the broad sense through all its components (nurse, pharmacist, doctor, etc.).

We want to attract attention, without stigmatizing the general public », Jacques Franzoni

With this in mind, a large-scale event is planned on the Place d’Armes in Valenciennes, on Saturday May 25 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. throughout this urban space. This is the first time, on this scale, that all health stakeholders have organized a prevention event. », Jacques Franzoni.

A wide variety of stands are planned, dietetics, a simulation course on weight gain, the practice of sport with associative partners such as the Rugby club, training in first aid procedures, real-time screening of cardiovascular diseases, a simulation and aging workshop, physical activities adapted to the elderly, even activities for children, bicycle rides, makeup stands and other activities. Clearly, the purpose of this organization is not to make the visitor feel guilty, but to raise awareness in a caring manner among the widest possible public. “ We want to attract attention, without stigmatizing the general public and provide useful information to patients. », declares Jacques Franzoni.

Of course, the Valenciennes Hospital Center is involved in this awareness-raising. “ We must reverse the trend in Valenciennes where the health figures are extremely degraded. With this in mind, this event is co-constructed, in particular in connection with the city/hospital relationship, but also thanks to partnerships with the CPAM of Hainaut, the Regional Health Agency, etc. », explains Guillemette Spido, Deputy General Director of the Valenciennes Hospital Center!

A major artery…!

In terms of the development of the central square, the organizers have not skimped on the resources involved, notably with a giant thoroughfare. The public will be able to enter a giant artery, this vital part of our metabolism, become a red blood cell or a white blood cell, but above all understand how it can become blocked with all the associated consequences.

As such, a focus on cardiovascular risks for women will be established, via the association “ Acting for the hearts of women ”, because their cardiac vulnerability is more unknown than for men.

Raise awareness about these pathologies in the broad sense », Xavier de Verdelhan

This day will in fact be devoted to vascular pathologies in all forms. “ It is important to raise awareness about these pathologies in the broad sense. Then, this can also allow us to contact people with social insurance so that they know all their rights. », comments Xavier de Verdelhan, Deputy Director at CPAM du Hainaut. On the sidelines of this demonstration, we also do not forget that French people do not assert their social rights, have no social security coverage, and this remains a real subject on which the CPAM is actively working.

We are very late in France on first aid measures », Dr. Elbeki

One of the stands offered will give you an introduction to first aid procedures. Certainly, more and more companies are offering this training to their employees, and associations are also offering this training to the general public, because “ we are very late in France on first aid measures », says Nabil Elbeki, Head of emergency resuscitation anesthesia multipurpose medicine and follow-up care and rehabilitation Jean Stablinski at Center Hospitalier.

Live screening

Another attraction, each visitor will be able to be screened, at any age, to find out if they are diabetic or not, and at what stage. This screening is possible thanks to delocalized biology where you will have the answer within ten minutes.

Other key partners will be present such as the APEI du Valenciennois, Val’Gym, Tennis Club de Saint-Saulve, DiabHainaut, USVA, Apaval’s, Apaval’s, TSBV…, essential support for this global approach whose objective is clear: “ All health stakeholders want to decompartmentalize health prevention », concludes Jacques Franzoni.

See you on Saturday May 25 at the Place d’Armes in Valenciennes…!

Daniel Carlier



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