If you are thinking of installing your air conditioning, read this before

If you are thinking of installing your air conditioning, read this before
If you are thinking of installing your air conditioning, read this before

“The cold doesn’t make you sick. Rather, it is the proximity of people that will increase the level of transmission of a virus. We know it, we experienced it with COVID. If you are in your home and living normally and your comfort level is high, you will sleep better and your immune system will be stronger to fight off germs. Air conditioning itself does not make us sick. It is human behavior that will play this role. »


Inside a house, everyone’s well-being index is different. Generally speaking, the ideal temperature range is between 20 and 26°C. Hotter or colder, we just increase the level of discomfort. The mistake we sometimes make is to “over-condition”.

“We tend to underestimate the importance of comfort. If we are comfortable, we will be relaxed and we will feel good. If it’s too cold, we’ll shiver and we won’t feel good. Our body will contract and the tension could give us headaches. For the environment too, it is harmful. We will waste energy and ultimately spend more, for nothing. We must therefore learn to adopt a comfort strategy intelligently. If the air conditioning is not necessary and it is cool outside, we turn it off.”


In 2010, Quebec suffered greatly from the heat. For five consecutive days, from July 6 to 11, the average daytime temperature was 33°C. At night, temperatures remained above 20°C for nine days. According to the Montreal Health and Social Services Agency, 106 people died in connection with the heat.

“Our worst enemy is heat. The best way to protect yourself is air conditioning. Following the heatwave of 2010, we noticed that many people bought an air conditioner. If it is too hot, our body activates its defense mechanisms. We will sweat profusely and we will be thirsty.

In vulnerable people, such as the elderly or people with chronic illnesses, these mechanisms work less well. These people are therefore more at risk. And what you need to understand is that heat stroke is a pretty significant physiological stress. Human beings are not designed to live at temperatures of 40°C or 50°C. We are not adapted to that. »


The American engineer Willis Carrier is said to be the inventor of air conditioning. In 1902, he worked for a printer in Brooklyn. Because the air inside the building is too humid, the ink leaks. His boss then asks him to invent a machine capable of dehumidifying the air. It was at that moment that he discovered that not only did his machine lower the humidity level in the factory, but it also freshened the air.

The general public would have to wait until 1920 before air conditioning made its debut in movie theaters and until the 1950s before its invention spread throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Air conditioning clearly improves our quality of life.




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