this disease marks its return, the authorities launch an appeal – La Nouvelle Tribune

The health and economic crisis linked to covid-19 has, in France, left traces. In fact, the authorities are now tracking the slightest possibility of the emergence and evolution of this or that disease. Recently, a case of Lassa fever was discovered in the Paris region and very quickly, the authorities decided to take care of patients and contact cases.

Today, a completely different disease is circulating, whooping cough. The ARS (Regional Health Agency) in Nouvelle-Aquitaine has thus confirmed that there are no less than 22 reports of cases of whooping cough which were issued in the region (especially in the departments of Landes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques), prompting the authorities to call for general vaccination of newborns.

Whooping cough returns to France

Indeed, it is the latter who are especially at risk. Whooping cough is a very contagious respiratory infection, which can last several weeks, in children, but also in adults. It all starts with a seemingly classic cold, which then turns into violent coughing fits, wheezing and eventually vomiting.

Fortunately, it is a well-known disease that is very treatable, even if it takes a long time. Indeed, antibiotics must be taken, but complete recovery takes several weeks, between two and three months in total. A complex disease therefore, which returns in cycles of three or five years. So, doctors are not necessarily surprised, even if today they must think of this disease in their diagnosis.

Vaccines to stop the spread of the disease

A dangerous disease for infants. Last month, a three-week-old baby died from the same illness. These cases can, however, be avoided, in particular through vaccination, which above all makes it possible to avoid cases of transmission within the same family. A whooping cough deadly transmitted by parents or brothers and sisters, and it is a decimated family which must learn to live with this feeling of guilt. Moreover, if infants can be vaccinated, pregnant women can also be vaccinated, thus making it possible to transmit antibodies to the baby, before it is also taken care of by the medical profession.



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